How to become less reliant on other and achieve independance ?

By Enehemie | me-upgrade | 24 Feb 2022

Many of you have likely been and are still very reliant on people’s help for acceptance and support in your life either from family, friends, or your community while doubting yourself.

Although it’s very useful for you, this dependency can have a lot of negative impacts on anyone’s life. Not only you are unable to decide for yourself while others do it for you but you are also at the mercy of who either is in charge of you.


Betrayal and manipulation are also very common in the world we live in. Once why you can’t just give up and let people do things for you. Sometimes you will have your back on the wall while no one tries to help you and you will have to find the solution to overcome it all by yourself.  Almost every success you will make in life will be thanks to your audacity and hard work so you will need to learn how to rely on yourself mostly before thinking about needing support from others.

Another thing is that no one knows what can happen, there is no guarantee that things will remind the same or that your parent will be always by your side forever.

So as a precaution it’s important to start building your network and to limit your dependency as much as possible while you achieve your ultimate goal which is freedom by becoming less reliant on people.


Below, I will give you some advice on how to be less reliant on others for support.

For starting, Have fair in yourself.

This is the very first thing you need. Confidence.


 You will be a source of inspiration for your surrounding and build a strong mentality that will make you special.

How to build trust in yourself?

Start by making basic decisions on your own. Aim for small victories in your daily life. praise yourself when you succeed in something no matter how insignificant you think it is. Ask people for service you can provide them and most importantly don’t be afraid of failure, it only will make you better yourself.  Keep doing this every time until you trust yourself deeply.

Stop believing in everything people tell you. Instead, use your critical thinking to see if their opinion is worth it or not. Don’t fear saying No if you are not fine with something.

Practice self-love.


Make peace with yourself.  Admire yourself through contempt for your efforts, goals, struggles, and achievements… Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for existing or being who you are.

Be your emotional pilar.


Don’t hold any grudge against yourself. It’s important to learn to forgive yourself when you do a mistake. After all, everyone makes mistakes so don’t be harsh with yourself. Practice meditation to be at ease with yourself. 

Start earning for yourself.


To take, care of yourself buy food, cloth, a house, take care of your family, children, send them to school you will need a lot of money.

 You will have to earn enough money to retire at old age. Something very hard to do with just a salary. Not only it’s hard to get a job but the amount you earn will be barely enough for you unless you become a very high member of the company you are working in.

By doing trading or freelancing, you will be able to earn passive income on top of your salary which will allow you to live an amazing life.

You can save money and invest it in trading or by selling some products to people. You can also earn money online by providing a specific service to people as a freelancer. One of the most know platforms for freelancing is Upwork.

- First, create your account and start completing your profile.

- find what you are good at.

Choose an option that best suits you among the services that are available on the platform: Writing, graphism, illustration, website building, data entry, translation, marketing, and so on.

-Make some sample of your work, for example, write something of 200 words about poem or marketing content if you are a writer or some business card design and put them in your portfolio and proposal so that your client can have interest and trust you.

-Make your proposal

-ask the client for testimony.

You can do online books review and earn money on

You can also earn money through cryptocurrency trading.

To sum up, this is all it takes to be less reliant on people and be independent. It’s not easy, you will encounter many difficulties in the beginning but once you make it you will be able to have a hold on your life and have almost full control of it while living a great life.

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