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By Mcthru | mcthru | 22 Jun 2022

Statera (STA) is a coin that has fascinated me since it made its entry here on Publish0x. This coin can give (us creators) great satisfaction. Also unlike the previous coins supported by the site, it has a peculiar feature for its success that few other coins have or are implementing.


Main features

This coin uses an Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT) system. Every time Statera has an on-chain transaction, 1% of transferred assets are permanently removed from circulation. STA burns with every transaction on both Ethereum and Fantom networks. Currently about 80% of the coins are in circulation (out of 101 million). On the Statera website it is possible to access all the documentation, which contains information regarding Wrapped STA, Fantom Network, wrapping and unwrapping on Ethereum, etc. Currently used on Publish0x as a tip for content posted by creators.


Price and ranking

Right now it is not one of the most traded coins, but thinking about it in the long term, it could be interesting to have at least 10,000 STA aside, since after passing the 101 mil coin milestone, the possibility of a bull run is concrete.


Benefits for creators

The advantages for creators are clear: together with AMPL they are a good combination to guarantee a good income. Also it needs to be reiterated that STA is deflationary, so the more trades are made the more money is burned. In the short term, this may not be exciting as the price has fallen sharply after a good take off. However, you don't have to focus on the price, but on the market cap. At the time of writing (June 2022) it is 770k. Over the past year it has gone from a low of $ 0.009729 to a high of $ 0.1241, with an all-time high of $ 0.5003. Over the past month the Coinmarketcap chart indicates that there is activity, but it is silent to avoid a Pump & Dump of the coin.


Trading volume increased sharply today (11/06)


As the graph shows, a series of Pump & Dumps at alternating periods.


The market cap has reached over 4mil in peaks of activity. Furthermore, the graph shows (in the center, second graph) a high volume following the Dump a few days later.


Final conclusions

This token is proving to be up to the difficult role it plays within Publish0x. The advantages in earning STA here are very evident: when there is a bull market this coin will have its say, as numerous capitals will be placed within the entire crypto market. So liquidity in circulation again, which is equivalent to a net reinvigoration of crypto prices. This will lead many people to buy the best tokens around, and this is where STA will come into play. A small flaw, and that I have not mentioned before, this coin is like all those associated with ETH, only this is associated with Fantom (FTM). This means that the fees will be paid in FTM (which Publish0x offers in a limited edition on withdraws in STA). In this bear market period it is better to hold on to such a coin, waiting for better times.


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