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By Mcthru | mcthru | 21 Apr 2022

Since I started writing here, on Publish0x I have never thought directly about revenue. The important thing for me was to create a pool of followers who would start following my publications. In fact, 2 years have passed since I started writing, and I currently have 30 followers. If you are not yet subscribed, click HERE to subscribe so that you do not miss the next articles.



For about 10 years I have cultivated various passions, but the one that involved me the most was writing. Writing for me is a fantastic way of skimming, reworking and rewriting a condensation of information in such a way that everyone can benefit from it in some way. Reading is something that has only recently taken off, and up until a decade ago a well-made article on the net was read by many people and earned a decent income. In fact, the journalist or writer on duty didn't care about the clickbait title as much as about an excellent writing of the article or book to sell. With the technological advancement, reading has been something that has waned among the youngest, however companies such as amazon through ebooks and audiobooks have given enormous support to a sector that had entered a deep crisis, caused by the creation of video content. This type of content has supplanted the paper format, which subsequently poured into the digital world through the creation of ebooks or audio books. I have written articles for blogs, created small books on request, edited and revised texts in these 10 years, correcting and improving my writing method more and more. In fact, I have learned a lot from these experiences. I had my blogs and now I have my own site, which you can find HERE.


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How much to write?

Here is the question that I constantly asked myself while writing various texts. Article format of 250/300 words, micro-article format of 100 words with a thousand links inside, extended format of 1000 words and book format of 5/10/15 thousand words. Of course all this depends on the arguments and the amount of information that I can find during the first draft of the article. Microblogs were born from small articles chock full of links and sources in the middle of the article. The main focus of these sites was to inform the user with small, information-laden texts. The behavior of the user was to read many articles by reloading many pages, the principle with which tiktok was born, where the focus is to keep the user glued to the smartphone for as long as possible. Furthermore, the method used to earn was to insert advertising in the links contained within the article. Having an RSS feed full of such articles had its obvious advantages. With the passage of time, normal articles have taken over, but this type of article can still be found on twitter, a well-known platform where you can still microblogging today. As 300-word articles begin to populate the web, the problems begin. Let's say you have a problem that can only be solved with a long procedure, perhaps a guide full of images. Here come the formats of 1000 words that serve precisely to explain a problem in the best possible way: with a long and full-bodied text. Following these long guides, one thing was certain, no one wanted to miss out on a good guide. And therefore all ready to download HTML pages in PDF format, but not everyone agreed. In fact, those who did not earn it were the one who wrote the guides and did not receive enough traffic to monetize their site. So here comes a collection of information condensed in one place: books. These aren't actual books, but they have between 5000 and 15000 words, so a mini-book. The ideal length of an article is determined by the information, as the more information you have the more you have to write, structure the content in a certain way. Conversely, an article with little information does not require who knows how many words.



The key part of any article or book is the content. Whether it's a small or large text, information is needed to make it up. Old / new articles, videos, podcasts, books to draw inspiration from. All sources useful for the purpose: to create a good text with related sources (if required). From personal experience, before writing an article I document a lot, do several researches and watch videos / interviews / podcasts in order to get a general idea about the writing of the article. Organizing information efficiently is not something to be underestimated when you are trying to come up with ideas.


The quality

In a text, in addition to being relevant information, it is also necessary to work on quality. In fact, to write a good text it is advisable to make several revisions, at least 5 in order to understand if the text works, both visually (writing) and textual (reading). In fact, a good text must be read well and must be written in such a way that it has periods and passages that are understandable to all. To obtain a quality text you need to refine your writing technique; I know it sounds easy but it's not at all. Also, don't overdo it with external links, otherwise the effect you get is a text that is unlikely to generate conversions (click on link). A quality text must not have too many frills nor be too specific / generic: if a user who reads wants to deepen, you can insert somewhere, in a word, or at the end of the text a useful link to deepen the speech you are treating.


The meager earnings

Since they removed the ability to earn BAT, or ETH, the situation hasn't been the best. I have never liked FARM tokens, nor iFARMs. I've read some guides on how to invest in it and earn a good APY, but everything is too complicated. The mere fact that they were within the ETH ecosystem made me pull back immediately, keeping my tokens parked waiting for another more interested coin to use. Nothing to say instead about AMPL, which proved to be a valid coin for us creators on Publish0x, which allowed us to stabilize the earnings to a minimum. The STA token was recently introduced, which with its very low initial price (0.04 $) allowed me to accumulate about 40 coins by converting the previous tokens. Not bad right? Considering the fact that it is currently at $ 0.07 without doing anything I got + 75% in a couple of months. Waiting for it to reach at least $ 1 I continue to accumulate, after I think I will exchange it with AMPL which I consider an excellent coin both in bull run and in bear run. Clarification on the title: This site has a good pay method, however the bulk of the gain is made with the appreciation of the token in the market. If the chosen token is not very successful in the market, no matter how hard one tries to write more articles at a time, he will not receive a noteworthy compensation. In my case, I write very little higher quality content, so it's no coincidence that I'm not in a hurry to move my earnings elsewhere. I am not the type who wants everything immediately, but I pretend to be able to have a coin as a reward that allows me to exploit what I have earned, perhaps depositing everything on an exchange for exchange with another coin, and then putting the gain in staking. Remember well that the ally we creators have is compound interest, and you need to know how to exploit it. This whole procedure sometimes takes many months, so you have to be very patient. If the coin chosen for the payment has high fees or cannot be easily moved / exchanged, it becomes useless. So any attempt you make risks losing your income for one cause or another.


Final conclusions

Publish0x is a good place to write content. It has a beautiful community that supports you and it is a site that allows you to earn money even by reading an article! You don't have to write something to earn coins, you can support your favorite creator and subscribe to their blog. Plus there are many sweepstakes you can participate in! Beyond this, within this platform you can find some excellent creators who have really quality content, which I often enjoy reading, and help me to increase the quality of the articles I propose.


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