Midas Ecosystem Update for May 2020

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 5 Jun 2020


Our dear Midasians,

May has ended, and our team at Midas Protocol feel really proud when we look back at our achievements last month. Let’s take a brief closer look at key improvements we have implemented in order to better serve our customers’ needs, shall we?

A. Midas Protocol

1. New Midas wallet app version 1.8.0 is out! Have you upgraded yours?


In the latest version 1.8.0 on Apple Store and 1.8.0 on Google Play, Midas crypto wallet offers its users with awesome new features:

  • Midas Touch – a crypto traded fund and pooling service with high ROI and peace of mind.


  • Support single wallet removal
  • Update with new logo
  • Update UX/UI for a better user experience
  • Performance enhanced

A USDT staking program is also introduced in June, with accumulated staking amount up to 20,000 USDT. 

2. Midas wallet has officially supported Klaytn blockchain


Midas Protocol universal crypto wallet has officially fully supported all of blockchain Klaytn’s features. Now users can pool and make transactions with KLAY, as well as KCT20 tokens developed by Klaytn. Furthermore, users can also access and use decentralised bApps developed by Klaytn more easily than ever by using dApp Browser integrated in Midas. 

Find out more about Klaytn: https://klaytn.vn/

3. Midas launches App 2 App API

App 2 App API is a portal that allows game and/or ecommerce developers to integrate Midas wallet solution as their payment method, which is safe and convenient.

Do not hesitate to shoot us a message at [email protected] in order to get more detailed information, if you and/or your organization are looking for an integration of a crypto payment method to your applications.

4. Midas introduced chatbot and crypto wallet on Telegram


Tokenbot AI - a research group funded by Midas and Mcash Startup Support Foundation - has also introduced its 1st prototype Jinn, an intelligent chatbot that allows users to manage and trade digital assets on Telegram, which is more convenient and time-efficient for users. This project has also been proudly chosen as the representative of Vietnam to compete in the international round at International Blockchain Olympiad this July.

B. Vinex Network

1. PEG/PUSD trading pair has been officially listed on Vinex Network


Vinex Network officially supports users to trade PEG/PUSD from 12:00am (GTM+8) 14 May 2020.

2. Vinex reached position #153 on CoinMarketCap’s ranking (up 40 ranks)


(source: Coinmarketcap)

Our restless efforts have rewarded us with Vinex Network’s achievement of climbing up 40 ranks on CoinMarketCap’s list, made a stand at #153 at the end of May.

C. Mcashchain

1. Become the strategic partner in ASEAN region of Tokoin


MCashChain has officially become the strategic partner in ASEAN region of Tokoin. After the announcement of this collaboration, Toko-M token has been listed on MCashChain, Midas crypto wallet and decentralized trading platform UniDex. Upcoming prominent activities are also being planned.

2. Successfully held Super AMA in collaboration with Tokoin


In celebration of officially listing Toko-M token onMCashChain, as well as the issuance of the strategic collaboration between Tokoin and MCashChain, an AMA session with the representative of Tokoin and MCashChain was held. About 130 people joined the session, and prizes (accumulated value upto 7500 $TOKOM, 7500 $MCASH, 7500 $MCC) were given based on a Lucky Wheel game.

3. Masbid - the decentralised auctioning application - joined hands with Dragonsphere


Masbid has supported Dragonsphere in allowing users to bid, trade and buy/sell Dragonsphere cards on Masbid platform. 

D. Upcoming projects:

We are planning to focus on the following activities:

  • Maintain the Double Burning program, so as to raise the value of $MAS and bring benefits to the Midasians community.
  • Midas Protocol will continue to collaborate with trading platforms and list new coins on Midas crypto wallet and Vinex trading platform.
  • Support our current partners Multicoin and Kakao Gaming Center - gaming platforms for different blockchain ecosystems’ users with double-token ($MCC and $MCS) model. Users can log in using Kaikas wallet of MCC accounts.

All in all, please take care of your own health and safety during this pandemic period! Let’s hope everything will be back to normal soon.

Onwards and Upwards!

Midas — MCashChain-Vinex Team

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