05.04.23 : Robert Kiyosaki, Andy Schectman: Kenya ditch dollar? Gold sells out? US goes to Hyperinflation? MEXICO apply to join BRICS; JAPAN, AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND also? watch video

Robert Kiyosaki, Andy Schectman , E.P. 3 :


Kenya ditch dollar?


Gold sells-out?


US goes to Hyperinflation?


MEXICO apply to join BRICS; JAPAN, AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND also ? Watch the video



Kenya say no, to dollar.

This is are the words of William Samoei Ruto , president of Kenya.

..For the people who walk number, I am giving you free advice , that thoes of you who are holding $, you might go to loses. …..

Robert Kiyosaki will also explain the idea of the kenya report and it seems to me that we will talk about hyperinflation in the US, soon. Watch the following.


Another important information we can take about the Gold sell-out

This is what Andy Schectman ,can tell you about the supply and the demand of GOLD in our days.

Listen closely.


„….more in business in last 14 days, than the last years before....

.people are terrified...„

Mexico apply to BRICS, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA want to join also ?

That is the other question that will come to our mind. The following was discussed on the show.

In Another way, many thanks to Robert Kiyosaki ,Andy Schectman, the team, and the people ,who inform us about the crazy games,

the economy will play.

Are you prepared for some changes, globally ?



We will see what will happen next

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