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0X Zuki & Mutant Zuki NFTs – Popular 0X NFTs in 2022

By matrixmike | matrix-mike | 23 Apr 2022

Whenever you think about popular NFT collections surely Crypto Punks, Board Ape Yacht Club, and Azuki come to mind. These are considered blue-chip projects and currently cost a small fortune to buy on the secondary marketplaces. Those who were lucky enough to find these and other successful collections early are reaping the rewards today.

So many people have bought and sold the blue chips over the years that the cost is astronomical and average folks simply cannot afford to join.

That’s where 0X NFTs come in because they pay proper homage to the original counterpart NFTs while making the traits completely different, creating a separate collection in the process.

Of course, only a few 0X NFT collections have been successful so far. The first was 0X Apes whose NFTs were derived from the BAYC. They added a yellow background to every NFT, and this has become a staple for 0X collections ever since.

Now 0X Zuki NFTs are making serious waves and shaking up the entire NFT landscape with their launch of Mutant Zukis minting now.

What are the 0X Zuki NFTs?

The 0X Zuki collection contains 10K unique NFTs that are based on different traits and separate attributes. They are 0X to the core and feature the telltale #YelowArmy background that’s synonyms with 0X. Each NFT contains separate traits which are based on 6 main attributes. Many are worth more than others because of their rarer traits. They are all digital masterpieces and are currently only available on the secondary marketplaces.

Official 0X Zuki OG OpenSea Page https://opensea.io/collection/0xzuki

0X Zuki official OpenSea account

Owning an 0X Zuki provides a plethora of backend utilities that investors within the community can get behind. First off, holding an OG Zuki gets you whitelisted for the Mutant Zuki mint, which is happening now, in February 2022. It also gives you a lower mint price, than those who don’t hold an OG and would have to mint at the public price. Plus, staking is coming soon after the Mutant Zukis mint is over with.


What is Mutant Zukis?

For OG Zuki holders, the anticipation was at an all-time high waiting for the Mutant Zuki mint to begin. Before the mint, OG holders were able to burn their NFTs into Mutants. This process would delete the OG forever and transform them into brand new mutants with new traits too.


Official Mutant Zuki Twitter Page


Official Mutant Zuki Twitter Page https://twitter.com/0xZuki


OGs only had to pay the gas fees to burn their NFTs into mutants and over 1K did just that. However, the Mutant Zuki mint has arrived, and the floor is already up to .027 ETH! (As of 4/23/2022)

This limited Mutant Zuki collection contains just 8,721 NFTs with different traits based on 6 attributes.


What Benefits Can Investors Expect from Mutant Zukis today?

The benefits are coming into play for Mutants after the mint because owners can stake them for $EXTRACT, the native token that can be swapped for preferred coins.

Moreover, the Mutant Zuki founders/team offer some awesome prizes and incentives in their discord server these days as follows:

Some sweepings took place and it's time to run the engines at full power again! We are starting a mint incentivized campaign with our new roadmap!

  • 2.000 Mints: 1 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 3.000 Mints: 1.5 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 4.000 Mints: 1.75 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 5.000 Mints: 2 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 6.000 Mints: 2 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 7.000 Mints: 2.25 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 8.000 Mints: 2.5 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 9.000 Mints: 2.75 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters
  • 10.000 Mints: 3 ETH verifiable giveaway amongst loyal minters, royalty reduction to 5%

We'll also give away 10 free mutants every 1000 mints using our Discord giveaway bot.

Notes: - All giveaways will be done using random.org verifiable giveaway system: https://giveaways.random.org/ 

Holders who list their mutants below the mint price of 0.054 will be disqualified from giveaways.

Giveaways will be made amongst new minters. For example, if you've minted between 5.000-6.000 mints, you'll be eligible for 6.000 mints rewards.

You can mint between every interval to be eligible for every giveaway. - 1x mint = 1x ticket. That means that the more you mint, the more chance you have! Not to mention that owning one or more of the limited Mutant Zuki NFTs will be worth more in the future once the staking is in full swing.


Wrapping This Up!

There are many different choices in NFT projects these days. Not all are the same and none are equal. Remember that anyone can create a digital picture and call it an NFT. Since cryptocurrency isn’t fully adopted yet, the legislation is lacking, causing a bit of a wild west mentality among those looking to scam good people. Please always do your own research (DYOR) before you buy any NFTs in 2022.

You should be able to communicate to the owners, and their community to see if they are a good fit for your goals. Many leaders within NFT projects will speak with you personally via their discord server and that’s a great way to get a feel for the overall direction of any given project.

Check their sales on OpenSea and make sure their Twitter account is active and in good standing. But nothing can replace going online yourself and researching the 0X NFTs you love and want to join.

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