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A Look Into The World of NFTs in 2022

By matrixmike | matrix-mike | 13 Mar 2022

Last year brought so many new people into the NFT space that successful collections were overwhelmed and sold out within seconds of their mints going live. That is, the high-quality NFT projects with a vibrant community of investors actively speaking with one another on Twitter, and public/private Discord Server groups. The best projects have effective leadership that has completed a sensible roadmap of where the backend utility portion of the NFT will be.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are decentralized, digital assets that live on one of the blockchains that exist today. NFTs are typically artwork that can be apes, like those made famous by one of the most popular NFT collections The Board Ape Yacht Club. they could be digital photographs made by a popular photographer, or your next-door neighbor just the same.

NFTs can be WEB3 domain names, that are forever chiseled into the blockchain, and ones you own forever, with no renewal fees, ever. Basically, NFTs could be anything, provided it is digital and minted on a decentralized blockchain.

The best and most popular NFTs are digital artwork. Some are computer-generated with different and unique traits. Others are hand-drawn and 1 of 1 piece, worth lots of cash. Depending on which blockchain the NFT was minted on, will determine the crypto coin assets you can buy, sell, or trade it with.

It's All About the Artwork, Right?

Yes, many NFT collections feature amazing artwork by famous, or up-and-coming artists. But some also provide a utility that isn't necessarily seen by the public. In fact,, the "back-end" is where the magic happens and is accessible via the NFT discord group of investors, creators, owners, and hopefuls, looking to learn more and possibly invest too.

NFT Projects with Backend Utility & Projected ROI!

Recently, NFT projects like Stoned Ape Club (SAC) allow owners to stake their SAC NFTs into their staking wallet, in order to earn $toke, their native crypto coin, that is actively traded via Uniswap Exchange. After a while, their $toke value builds up and can be converted into the popular crypto coin of the day, or cashed in. 

Another collection called Medicated Mice allows owners to collect a portion of their future investment's ROI, bought with NFT mint money, by the owner/founders. These investments include Real Estate, and a physical CBD dispensary, with a full product line. 

This type of back-end utility has attracted millions of people into this space. Many NFT collections offer this in 2022.

Are All NFT Collections the Same?

However, it is important to do your own research (DYOR) to ensure that the NFT collection you're interested in purchasing is legit, and not a scam, or rug pull, where all the crypto coins disappear, and sadly investors are left holding the bag. The best way to learn about NFT projects is by becoming active within their online community. See what others are saying about the NFTs. Make notes on the projects' roadmap, or future plans for investors to count on.

Most importantly, ask questions!

You won't get answers unless you ask. Don't be afraid to find out who the founders are, and what their backgrounds are too. Have they ever been involved with successful NFT collections before? Make sure that you can verify whatever they tell you.

Where Can You Find the Newest NFT Projects Today?

Well, it isn't difficult to find the best NFT collections in 2022. That's because they all promote themselves on Twitter, hardcore. That is where they can get the most exposure, quickly. Look out for white list (WL) offers from the collection's official Twitter accounts. Many of them offer these white list positions because they let those people mint first, oftentimes at lower prices than when the public mint goes live. Not to mention that some collections don't get past the white list people, and sell out before the public mint anyways. If you can get WL you are ahead of the game.

Here are some popular projects in 2022.

  • @0xMAYC - Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  • @0xLions_V1 - 0X Lions V1
  • @HAYACHTCLUB - Happy Ape Yacht Club Solana
  • @0xApes_NFT - oX Apes
  • @Doodles0x - 0x Doodles
  • @0xTasty_Bones - 0X Tasy Bones

Wrapping It All Up!

If you take a moment to step back and take it all in, you quickly realize, this idea of NFT collections, is revolutionary and growing exponentially. People love the fact that they own a digital asset, which is high-quality artwork, that doubles as an investment with active utility. You don't need anyone's help or permission to buy and own an NFT. Nor can anyone dictate what you do with your NFTs. That's the beauty of decentralization. That anyone has access to emerging technology, an active investment platform, full of art, life, and live within many of the NFT communities. 

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