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Zombie Zebras & Zombie Apes! – Top NFT Collections of 2022!

By matrixmike | matrix-mike | 9 Apr 2022

There have been so many different types of NFT collections in 2022 that claim to be the top projects for specific reasons. However, many fall flat and aren’t the huge success that the hype suggests. Others do slowly rise in value over time, producing a return on investment (ROI) for their investor community. A few have taken off like rocket ships and make insane amounts of ROI...

Then there are those NFT collections like Zombie Zebras from the creators at Zombie Labs, who offer a spectacular roadmap, filled with well-thought-out investment strategies, a vibrant community, and growing floor prices on the secondary market.

Zombie Zebra NFTs

Seems like everything an NFT enthusiast could want, but there is more!

On April 18th the long-awaited Zombie Ape mint will occur and will feature amazing zombie-styled artwork, coupled with real-world utilities that investors can get excited about!

What is The Zombie Zebras?

First, let’s dive into what the Zombie Zebras NFT collection is all about to see where they are going. Owning one of the 3,333 Zombie Zebra NFTs gives you exclusive access to a plethora of members-only benefits spanning both the digital and real world.  This includes exclusive merchandise and exposure to popular digital assets and cryptocurrency. The Zombies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

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Being a community-focused project makes the Zombie Labs team special and very popular amongst investors who are looking for a solid roadmap, and financial wisdom. All the NFTs are worthy of the utilities offered. 

However, some Zebras are rare and all of them utilize over 200 different traits that are randomly generated and applied across the collection. Once you buy an NFT you can stake it to earn $WORM the native token for Zombie Zebras. These earned tokens can be used to buy merch or swapped out for other cryptocurrencies on an exchange later.

Moreover, owning two Zombie Zebras NFTs will qualify you for a FREE Zombie Ape mint that's just around the corner.

What are The Incentives for Investors & Community?

As mentioned, the Zombie Lab founders understand that growing a successful NFT brand that has real-world applications, and digital functions in the Metaverse, is ALL about the community. Building one isn’t easy and takes more than terrific artwork…

Once anyone buys a Zombie Zebra, they have full ownership over their specific NFTs, plus all the incentives and member benefits as follows:

How will rarity work?

Using a combination of manual and generative processes, each Zombie Zebra is created with a variety of different and unique traits. Rarity values will be calculated after the public sale and posted through a rarity tool TBD.

What is the Zombie verse?

The Zombie verse will be a virtual environment built within the Sandbox. The Zombie DAO will decide the rest.

What is the Zombie DAO?

The democratic community of Zombies that will slowly but surely devour the NFT space, man, woman, and bot. One cohesive zombie herd. Also, see the #roadmap in our discord server for more information on how it works.

What are Zombie Apes NFTs?

The Zombie Apes NFT collection in 2022 consists of 6,667 NFTs with randomly generated traits with endless artistic possibilities. Again, many of these zombies are rarer than the rest and worth more initially. The team at Zombie Labs is working out the staking details and payouts for investors.

Zombie Apes NFTs

There are benefits of membership because if you are already part of the Zombie Zebra community, then you will get preferred timing and prices for the upcoming Zombie Ape mint.

Official Zombie Apes Twitter - @ZombieApesNFT -

Considering the mint price for current Zebra Fam is set at:

  • 0 ETH (gas-only): (reserved) / 2 Zombie Zebras = 1 Zombie Ape 
  • .05 ETH: Zombie Zebra Holders, Whitelist, and Partners 
  • .07 ETH: Everyone Else

Owning, and staking 2 Zombie Zebras will give you the $WORM token earned for time staked, and a free Zombie Ape NFT mint worth .07 to the public.

That’s a great value right there!

Wrapping This Up!

If you are new to the NFT world believe it or not you are still early. Mass adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is underway and NFTs are a large part of why so much attention is on the space. However, it’s never been more important to do your own research (DYOR) since the industry is largely unregulated there are always “bad actors” waiting to scam you for your NFT money.

This is exactly why buying into established NFT collections in 2022, that are founded by trusted people who are transparent and allow the community to thrive is the best plan.

The Zebra Apes mint will be epic and you can become part of the Zombie Labs family by minting and buying a Zombie Zebra or two from OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace to date.

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