The Race Thing and Other Government Service Corp. Psyche ops


The race thing report from our front page Feb 15-20

Division Psyche Ops Financed By Central Banks | Color Barriers

More and more, our beautiful science reveals our most dynamic philosophies. That our lives are part of an interconnected web of frequencies, interconnected and generated within a plasma discharge powered universe. Interconnectedness of being, derived from an an Unknown source. In the physical, it becomes electromagnetic energy and frequencies, resonating through various forms of matter. Our minds and emotions, thought processes, our rocks and plants all generate and receive and qualify energy at all of the various frequencies of light, including the range of our  senses. 

Manipulation Of The 5 Senses

The 5 senses operate in around 5+% of our total range of being. Indoctrination at birth, generationally has increased systematic, pain and reward conditioning, rejecting anything not able to be labeled in that range, but is still subject to the greater range of frequency in operation within the society. This has produced a society divorced, and disconnected from the greater art of themselves. It allows for many unanswered questions and confusion 

American Eric


iruur1 - Not sure what their driving at. Not sure what a white person is. Not clearly defined in this analysis. There are a lot of beige, peach, tan olive etc people running around, so I can't relate this to reality. Wouldn't even know what to confession to expect., and  choose to privilege myself and others through agreement, reason and contest.
The only privilege currently evident in terms of social power, is central banks printing money out of thin air, and telling people if they don't use their money the way they want them to, they die.


SatoriD - (Official Gifs


Them who are Us


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A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity


The Human Family is the True Sovereign, Master Race comprised of all colors. We are one species. This is media to advance the sovereign rights, and potential for all people in the Civil Society and Natural World Order .

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