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iruur1 - Very Heartfelt prose from the Yotivationnation channel on   

I don't know about you but this kind of personal, detailed local reporting available on, and PublishOx, is often cutting edge news for us. We learned more from this personal report than any dozen covid stories lately found on MSM. In fact it is a report on how MSM/government propaganda, policies and misinformation caused genuine health hazards, surpassing CoVid-19 dangers, which put the authors grandma at mortal risk because of isolation due to lockdown.


The Power of the Mind. Do you know how Brave you can be when you Have Nothing to Fear?


Yotivationnation -Who likes reading books...? Have I got a Chapter for you. 😊

This Covid BS is driving me insane. I have friends in Upstate NY who've been diagnosed with Covid and are being Contact Traced by the Government.

They're called, and checked on, there are unscheduled visits...They say, "It should not matter the time we visit, you aren't going anywhere anyway." Very Intrusive.

You have to have a Negative Result before you can be in Public again. Keeping in mind that a Soda, a Fruit, and a Goat, plus people who never even got tested, all tested positive too.

That's because there are many, many, many, strains of the Novel Coronavirus...and there always has been...Ya just weren't aware of it, so it wasn't anything you feared. Now all of the sudden you are aware, and that changes everything for some people, depending on what you Believe to be True, rather than what actually factually is true. Okay...I have a few thoughts. This "Virus" Is NOT Deadly. It has almost a 100% Recovery Rate meaning we're all gonna Live. Almost Everything else has a Higher Death Rate. It can be killed and stopped with...

The Facts

If you are just becoming aware of the situation we believe it is important to back up the authors claims with some detailed facts. Yotivationnation states; "Keeping in mind that a Soda, a Fruit, and a Goat, plus people who never even got tested, all tested positive too." To understand how this is possible you need to understand the PCR test. You can find that information here.
She also states; ..."there are many, many, many, strains of the Novel Coronavirus...and there always has been...Ya just weren't aware of it, so it wasn't anything you feared." Also quite true. CoVid-19, was not discovered in 2019, and could not have mutated in the market at that time, from bat stew. The first patent to test for CoVid-19 specifically was granted in 2015. Details Here


She tells a personal account of a story, shared by many, which is widely unreported. It is based on facts. A tale of state authority to stop her and her family and friends, from coming to the aid of each other, due to lockdown restrictions imposed. It is also a story of a family discovering the truth about a virus and a public system that systematically disrupted the natural generational interfamily and community support system, which they had built to stay connected and care for each other. A condition of hardship and slavery forced on them through denial of business, the right or ability to earn and freedom of movement, assembly etc.
In the end she writes;
 "When it is said "The Truth will set you Free"...This is EXACTLY What we're talking about. Discover the actual Truth, and the Lies can no longer be hidden. The Onus, is On Us, to Care Enough to Figure it out. It will be whatever we allow it to be."

What was the fate of her Grandma? READ HER WHOLE STORY


Surviving Our Own Awakening Liberation

We are only slaves now if we allow it. However freedom means dealing with reality. Freedom cannot exist without exercising the responsibility to preserve it. That means living independently even if at times, you do so, with difficulty. However the system we are living in is based on avoiding living within it's means, and instead is living on the back of the recent and future taxpayer. A taxpayer so many generations into the future, that it is now unknown in numbers.
The system that runs the political economic structure has abandoned the Constitution in all but public admission. However the system is in trouble. The population of the world, forced to live in it, cannot be sustained in it, at current levels under its current top down structure. The reality is that this increasing lockdown crowd control is proving not to be health and safety related.
Closing down the means of private personal interaction such as restaurants, churches and schools, while only allowing limited public interactions where private gathering and quiet talking are not possible, like stores, and strip clubs, is more like crowd control than health and safety.
Increased deaths due to lockdown causing, isolation, suicide, loss of income, limited medical availability for non covid related symptoms, as well as lockdown states having the worst records for covid related death, has called lockdown health and safety motives into question. Lockdown has resulted in nations around the world, compromising and collapsing the wealth and wellbeing of the independent middleclass, gig economy and violating the People's Constitutional, and Geneva Treaty on Human Rights protections.

The Indebtedness Future

One way or another the system needs to reorganize itself and those under it because in it's present form, by it's own admission at Davos and other conferences, it cannot support the present population, forced to live in it. The crowd control and pandemic lockdown are creating a new organizational global structure.
The system is financed by and supports itself through debt and the power to issue debt. At some point the debt, financed out of thin air by the central banks, working with the UN and World Bank, will be settled. This still increasing U.S. and global debt will soon come due and be settled under central bank terms and delivered as law to the taxpayers. Those who do not, cannot, or will not come to terms, will have no means of survival in the system and difficult prospects outside of it. Not good.
This system in essence, is the banking and political invention of the majority asset holders of the world's resources. They run the central banks and control investment rights to assets, patents resources, transportation, telecommunications etc. When working together, minus the voting pesky middleclass, middle people, nothing gets in the way of their fighting over what they have among themselves, like the savages they are. They don't need pesky little ants at the picnic. If the ants don't have an economy, they cannot resist.



The independent economy, since too big to fail, president Bush, has been sucked dry by the central banks through increasing reliance on their power of debt issuance. The terms of debt are tied to their policies, which have been destroying the middleclass value of personal savings, by lowering interest savings rates, and limiting business opportunities tied to the budget and policies.
The US actual wealth according to the Federal Reserve is 2.02 trillion dollars on the books. It is currently supporting 15+ trillion in debt on the Federal Reserve's public books. That is the books available for public viewing. The private books likely show multiples of incalculable debt.
What this means is that government power to control anyone, is based on everyone's willingness to go further into debt. The minute that the power to issue one more make believe dollar is denied to the Federal Reserve by the People, the control will end immediately because it will no longer be able to be financed.


What would happen if the Federal Reserve could not issue one more dollar out of thin air to enslave anyone, and we were free at last? Almost no one would be paid, all debts would be called in, deliveries would stop, production, everything would grind to a sudden halt. Even  if you could pay your bills, the services may not be running. No one would be sure anymore of who owned what, and who could pay what. Without more debt, hard and paper assets would plummet relative to their ability to pay any outstanding debt. This would of course mean the US Treasury as well, which would be in shambles as government agencies scrambled for power to achieve essential services at subsistence levels. Even the military would be immediately affected as their pay is tied directly to the Federal Reserve Petrodollar.



This of course is the recipe for near complete social collapse and chaos. Living in reality will take planning as well as individual initiative. 


Banks, Government, and Poor Hardest Hit

The problem with the present system is that it is impossible to live well outside of it without becoming criminal to it. If a person wanted to, they could buy coffee at commodity prices, a roaster, a grinder and some retail sale bags printed, for abo $1000-$2000. After a short while, with a good roast, you could sell a pound of custom roast for 3-4 dollars a pound and easily get your expenses back, as coffee is abo $1.25lb. on the commodities exchange. The rest would be profit, other than equipment maintenance and replacement. 
A person of simple means but with good skills could do this, and advance in life, right now. But they would be a criminal. For a host of reasons, you need a host of lawyers and specialists to comply with the legal system to sell coffee in a bag. This is why poor people with business skills often sell drugs in a bag, as they can get their product up front, no cost. Then it is up to them to package and market it themselves with little overhead.
On the day the banks, cannot print more money to fund the governments, the poor and unemployed will likely have seen their last government check. There will be no order as we previously knew it. No system no banks.


In A Planned Bank Collapse

The banks want to own the rights to everyone and everything and then collapse the system into a new one. Everyone that remains supportable in the new system will themselves like the poor, be getting a government check of some kind, tied to an authorized reward scale in the system. The traditionally employed, and those used for other purposes in new positions, will have their allotments adjusted, through this authorization, under, and within the system.
Ironically, criminals selling product in a bag, and other things, will after the bank planned collapse, likely see increased security risks along with everyone else. Payoffs to government officials will need to be factored and systematized as well. But criminals will stay in business outside of many of the system's constraints, to survive and prosper while making their semi independent way in the NWO. 

Under Forced Collapse By the People

However if banks collapse because they have no system financed by debt by anyone for anyone, if they can print no money. Then the People will have to deal with criminal gang tyrannies which already have assets, international systems in place, and money for armies.


Building Lawful Independence Strengthens All, Weakens Tyranny

The good news of course is that this will not all collapse today. The bad news is that it will. Collapse I mean. Soon, lockdowns will take the economy down and lock up the financial system. All the debt issuance and money out of thin air is the Federal Reserve and Central Banks preventing that financial system lockup from happening, before they can own on paper, all public and private debt of consequence.
When the economy does lock up perhaps in 2021 due to more virus strains and lockdowns again, markets will freeze. All assets in the economy will achieve fair market value in all markets. Then the real value of what is held with payable debt, and what is owned outright will take shape. 

People's Plan | Investing In An Uncertain Freedom And Future

Here is the most positive news in this situation. The People who will have some or much freedom and independence  after collapse, are those who now hold and invest in assets of intrinsic value, while encouraging others to do the same. If everyone was doing this now, the effects of this present tyranny would be fundamentally mitigated.

Living Independently In a New Economy | HARD ASSETS

A supply of extra food and energy in case of disruptions is a good start, expanding that to include greater control from farm to your table, whenever, and in any way possible is best. But when we are talking about hard assets apart from essentials, we are talking about investments. However in this case we find ourselves in a system, whose assets are currently, seemingly beyond our control. But they are possible to be owned now and by anyone, even of modest means. Silver and crypto currencies are two examples.
A daily check in with Gregory Mannarino on his videos, will give you an overview of how assets travel through the markets. He discusses essential assets, their relative values, that day and historically. In a week or so you will be able to see what you need to hold as assets, and what you need to get out of. He also explains how to remain profitable in risk investments, and independent of artificial valuations, now and in the future. Greg is well versed in the ways assets are traded, plotting the flow of money through the markets, what assets are manipulated, how, and why. It is all free.
Much of this article is based our common analysis of the system, it's structure, power hierarchy, and objectives. The facts are backed up by Gregory Mannarion's  easy to understand economic market structure overview. His web sites contain free hard data, essential terms, definitions for detailed understanding, and are the product of years of successful predictive work in the field. 

People Are The Greatest Intrinsic Asset

Gregory Mannarino always ends his Friday sign off with the words "Love one another. Take care of one another and be charitable." He considers it the core of his market advise, as without real people in a real economy all assets lose, their greater valuation and purpose. 
Tyranny is the power to break agreements in society and keep agreements from being made, whether formerly allowed or not. Freedom is the power to to exercise the individual and collective responsibility necessary, to make and keep agreements in society. Finding people who can keep agreements and grow asset wealth, through skill, effort and knowledge is essential. Whether they have any hard assets now or not, if they can grow assets in fair agreement with those who have them, they will have assets of their own.
The more people with the will, skills, talent and assets, to avoid compliance with systematic policies and economics that endanger their rights to personal health on all levels, the less able any system is able to control those people and anyone else at any level.
Creating networks of agreement that can be financed and kept is the first step in the People's plan.

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