Earth's Environmentalists Now Engaging In Space Warfare


Solar Particle Forcing versus Solar Wind Irradiance is stirring up quite a disturbance in the environmental model atmosphere. It is generating a storm of confusion, that threatens to engulf us in a tidal wave of increasing global law.


Climate Solar Irradiance Models Threatened By Particle Forcing Evidence

The war in space, right here on earth, is a product of wealth management and global asset control. The discovery aspect however, well outside of the corruption, is startling environmental headline news. The old climate models which have been so far 100% inaccurate in essential prediction, have relied on sound science, but only factored one aspect of a dual and more complex interactive system.

Solar Irradiance, The Power Of Light

The power of light. Sounds great doesn't it. It is true in faith and science, as well as your enjoyment of a sunny afternoon. Here is the official NASA explanation of light irradiance and solar irradiance influence on the environment.

OK. Now that we let NASA do our dirty work for us on explaining solar irradiance, we'll roll up our sleeves and let them introduce you to the other major factor of weather. Solar and space energy, Particle Forcing

So if solar and other particles are as important as irradiance, why are they continually being left out of the "officially" cited climate models? The short answer is there is a lot invested in global sustainability projects, that began their government backed life without data that has since become, in a sense more important than irradiance. That is because particles adding friction and heat at the level of the earth's aurora into the ionosphere, working down to cloud formation, ocean temp and wind, is simply not being factored. This data is omitted currently, apparently to reach conclusions which will justify, government funding objectives.


Solar Wind Ultra Short Term Particle Forcing

We don't try to cite our articles and reports as facts, dismissing the need for debatable evidence like the MSM does. We don't just say experts and studies. We show them to you. WHY? Because their findings are directly conflicting with conclusions you have been fed as gospel environmental science, and we want you to know this isn't a denier conspiracy, this is a very real science debate, necessary to optimize our lives on earth, apparently being politicized.


New very concise study

This is one of many recent studies, which is now forcing experts to update the old environmental assumptions.

Before I tell you why this stuff, is upsetting the old environmental apple cart, let us show you some pretty graphics of the global electric circuit so you see the mechanism more clearly. 


The bottom picture shows the solar wind as it interacts with the earth's magnetic field at the Aurorae. The particles are forced into the atmosphere from the sun, arriving ten minutes after a solar outburst. The energy from the sun flows into, and excites the aurorae at the poles, top picture, which sends currents directly into the ionosphere at the poles, feeding the earth's electromagnetic field picture in middle, sending currents into the global electric circuit. 
Current global climate models, still do not include this data of solar and galactic particle activity, and instead rely only on the light energy, ignoring the very important electronic currents. They therefore mistakenly blame Co2 for holding heat, fail to account for changes in the ozone influencing weather conditions, etc., due to particle interaction. 


The Purpose Of This Article

IRUUR1, is not a science journal, so we are not trying to settle this debate. We are a free speech publication. As such rather than simply tell our readers interesting things that are amazing, we are constantly called to refute propaganda.



But we didn't want you to have to take our word for it. Obviously it is not settled as the NASA data and science study we excerpted and referenced for your research, demonstrates. This is only one of many studies you will find on our site, the net and on the Suspicious Observers (see video below) site. Environmental science is an important ongoing subject. Any attempt at his point to say it is settled is a power grab, not a public service.
Propagandists like to tell you it's hard to understand. The terms, describing the thermal dynamic process, electrically, magnetically etc., are hard to remember and learn, but are no more detailed in basics, than the stats and terms for fantasy football. The principle of friction into the atmosphere and electrical energy creating and reducing heat, is not as we showed you, difficult to conceive and visualize. Simple, like moving the ball down field, with, and against a series of plays. It is a simple enough subject of vital importance for serious public climate research and debate.
So next time a media parrot, calls you a denier for knowing what they are ignorant of, you have some facts to begin asking them some questions. 



The Sun & Storms | Observer Wins National Science Championship

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These kids will help you get up to speed. Learn through this video series as they learned, discovering some award winning information that will give you a real basic science weather foundation.

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