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Dr. Mikovits; CoVid-19 'Is Corruption!' Not a Clinical Coronavirus


This recently fell into our hands from Dr. Mikovits, in an interview shared by;

- Patricia Ray

It is obvious that Dr. Judy Mikovits, her background, research and history must be examined completely, in light of her shocking conclusions. "CoVid-19 is a plague of corruption. It is not a coronavirus!"

We have begun that research in this article.

Patricia Ray

Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D, reveals real face of Anthony Fauci – YouTube

The following is notes and Google front page reference searches on the subjects she covers in the interview.


Dr. Judy Mikovits, several troubling encounters with Anthony Fauci., W.H. administration Science advisor. Current Director of National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases for 40 years.

1983 - At 25, Dr. Mikovits was A lab technician on a team that isolated hiv from saliva, headed by Dr. Frank Ruscetti


A current refference;

Detection and Analysis of Mouse Retroviruses in Humans ... › grant › NIH › ZIA-BC011318-02 - ... and with Drs. Frank Ruscetti and Kathryn Jones (Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, CCR) and Dr. Judy Mikovits (Whittemore Peterson Institute) to study ...

About Dr. Robert C. Gallo | University of Maryland School of ... › About IHV The Institute of Human Virology (IHV) was co-founded and is directed by Robert C. Gallo, MD, the eminent scientist who became world famous in 1984 when he co ...

The research produced a paper isolating the virus. Fauci and Gallo took possession of it and delayed the peer review process, to personally re-examine and rewrite the information. Then Dt Gallo took credit for the discovery in 1984 while AIDS victims died as a result of the delay. Dr. Mikovits was harshly threatened by Vauci and Gallo during a phone call, and feared for her life because she personally refused to turn over the lab paper to them immediately.

2010-2011 - Based or research in 2009 that found a family of mouse cancer causing viruses in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, It was found to be an immunodeficiency disease affecting women and children, infants. Dr. Fauci directed that the discovery not be defined officially, and thus isolated for treatment and research.

It was along the lines of research conducted by


Elaine DeFreitas - MEpedia › wiki › Elaine_DeFreitas     Dr MikovitsOct 15, 2019 - Elaine DeFreitas, and the Cheney-Bell-DeFreitas Work: Startling Revelations from Wistar's World Patent and Serious Reasons for Concern Now Revealed! ↑ Retroviral sequences related to human T-lymphotropic virus type II in patients with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome.   Dr. Mikovits was destroyed by Dr.' Fauci and Gallo A new paper based on parallel research by E;aine DeFreitas was written by Rusceti and Mikovits. Rusceti did not submit it for goverment crony oversight by HHS. It was reviewed, and it established the new family of retroviruses. This aided in the treatment of diseases including lymphoma and autism. Then it was discovered as in the early days of AIDS that it was in the blood supply.  One of the main ways that this family of viruses got into people was through vaccines. Dr. Fauci opposed the release of the study unless the connection to vaccines and the blood supply were renounced. Dr. Mikovits refused, was arrested and all her funding pulled. Then, Fauci had a colleague publish papers denouncing the findings and academically discrediting the report.

Dr Mikovitz Research Conclusions

What Dr Mikovits team report also found, was that the mouse retrovirus was aerosol born and could be transmitted through the air. This means a form of HIV retrovirus, cancerous material, can be spread through the air. Our vaccines are developed from mouse virus cell lines. New research is looking for improvements.

Investigating Viruses in Cells Used to Make Vaccines; and ... › biologics-research-projects › investigati... Feb 1, 2018 - Virus-based vaccines are made in living cells (cell substrates). Some manufacturers are investigating the use of new cell lines to make vaccines. ... This approach has been extensively used for mouse cells. We have optimized ...   Dr Mikovits was banned in 2011 from all NIH labs, her funding credit revoked. She was labeled a fugitive from justice by Dr. Fauci. She was arrested and her home ransacked on Nov. 18, 2011, as the report and paper on the virus was being published. Held in jail without bail, unless she signed a paper saying the vaccine blood supply research was fraudulent. Told if she would apologize she could spend her life doing honest research. The editors of science, lost confidence in her and in the report, because of peer pressure from authorities in the health community. The paper was force retracted. Dr. Ian Lipkin was paid to sign off on the fraudulent study refuting her and Rusceti's report in 2012.

W. Ian Lipkin, MD | Pathology › profile › w-i-lipkin-md Dr. Lipkin was the first to use purely molecular methods to identify infectious agents. In 1999, he identified West Nile virus as the cause of encephalitis in North ...   He was awarded a grant as a payoff. Part of that grant funded a paper. It is from the team that produced the paper linked to below. The paper she refers to describes in detail the characteristics of CoVid-19. We are reaching out for that exct paper to update this article.

An orally bioavailable broad-spectrum antiviral inhibits SARS-CoV-2 in human airway epithelial cell cultures and multiple coronaviruses in mice | Science Translational Medicine

Yushun Wan, Jian Shang, Rachel Graham, Ralph S. Baric, Fang Li Tom Gallagher, Editor  

The Paper


This paper Dr. Mikovits speaks of in the video she asserts, describes the process, symptoms and characteristics of a retrovirus and not a coronavirus, Relative to CoVid-19 she says, "Coronaviruses do not do what the clinical data say they are doing. It is my belief that they are destroying the evidence and calling everything CoVid-19, making sure they vaccinate everybody." She then lists the people the new vaccines will likely kill.

She further connects Dr. Fauci, with Fort Detrick MD research funding studies, to engineer animal transmission of cancer and immunodeficiency causing viruses into humans. All these studies are illegal. Fauci and Lipkin funded this research.

Dr. Mikovits, "Unless we do something fast, these men have committed crimes against humanity, for over 40 years, delayed testing, delayed drugs. Exactly the tactics, that they're using in CoVid-19. CoVid-19 is a plague of corruption. It is not a coronavirus!"

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