David Icke: CoVid-19, 5G, Conspiracy, FULLY EXPLODED


David Icke Interview by Spiro Skouras. Our never ending quest to separate the underlying facts from the conspiracies.

David Icke; 5G, CoVid-19 Follow Along Article

David Icke is promoted in the MSM as a conspiracy publisher, former footballer. Whether a conspiracy exists of the type that David Icke, describes, a giant wealth transfer is occurring from misinformation surrounding CoVid-19. Our concern is that it involves many of the same players intimately connected to financing the affairs of Jeffery Epstein. See the Epstein Map for a map of his publicly documented high powered,global intelligence, political and economic connections.

IRUUR1 and Conspiracies

There is a naturally evolving system of control based on willful people and their ability to control. The ability of total control is based on manipulating people through doctrines of good and evil appealing to mutual self interest. It is the essence of power transfer. Sometimes as in the case of PT Barnum, it is used for suspended belief, to obtain a sense of wonder. Politically, systems of control naturally evolve as a way to test what is real, based on what people believe is good or bad for political and economic enterprise.

Good and bad are subjective in nature. They are often arbitrarily applied in the social order and ultimately disconnected from greater Unknown, (God to the believer), the great what have you, to the rest, purpose. A person who wants to control everything for their purpose, and one who allows complete control in some way, must make everything about them, and their needs of the moment. But only a person who knows where they came from and where they will be and doing after this life can have the authority in nature to sustain a species with one system of ultimate control.

david ickeUnder the Constitution, the government allows systems of control to compete and takes no side, unless the natural rights of those under jurisdiction are contested in a court. All laws are based on the People's ability to retain those rights and obligations of birth based on the civil rights process of the smallest minority, the individual. So far it has not worked out that way.

The System Control Inventory, Asset Marketplace

IRUUR1 sees an ultimate system of control marketplace for those who are inclined to buy in, have the knowledge, the usefulness to others, and have the means. Certain marketers have now assumed a lot of control over many parts of commerce to the exclusion of others which is corrupting the social order overall and leading to breakdowns in health management in many global cities.

Those who buy in and obtain assets of control, will fight each other and they will fight you if you cross them. But what are you willing to buy and trade for your rights and privileges? It is your obligation to decide. IRUUR1 believes the more you understand about the system of control marketplace, the players and the technological interconnection of possibility, the better shopper you will be.

Systems and People of Control Are Natural and Useful in the Social Order and Civil Society

david ickeThey test the intrinsic strength of species. They demand excellence and test the will purpose and value of all they encounter at all levels.. In nature they compete and tell their story. However they are all useful for a time and purpose, but one system of ultimate control beyond surrender to greater Unknown purpose, time and space, is unsustainable in nature.

P.T. Barnum was a person who lied cheated and stole to promote a dream of wonder and imagination. But he did not want to create a one world vaccination ID for profit, or a one world wonder, in exclusion of all others. The greatest lie of P.T. Barnum was that he would bring the greatest singer in the world to America, on an exclusive tour. He put up everything he owned to finance this promotion though he had never heard her voice.

Never underestimate the usefulness of competing systems of control to bring great things to People. The more the people know about today's marketplace of control, and their natural connections to it, relative to science, documents and background information, the more their obligation to bargain their rights for privileges will be served.

The Interview

David Icke

NWON shared the London Real Interview. We thought the information was interesting but needed a background check. When -  Spiro Skouras-  did a follow up a few days ago, we decided to examine the references and lay it out step by step for our readers to follow along. We look for the evidence and leave the wild extrapolations, if any, to everyone else.

Outlined roughly along the main timeline points of the interview, allowing our readers to examine genuine medical opinion, peer review, academic published reports referenced By David Icke currently not included, acknowledged, or discussed by a vaccine dominated policy system now regulating human affairs. IRUUR1 will always question authority beyond the sustainability of species. NWON will report on the events.

David Icke Interview VIDEO: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Soros Are Frontmen For The Top of the Pyramid



Background Material From Davids Interview with Spiro


Interview text. In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by David Icke. Spiro and David discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis. David explains how the public is being manipulated by the system in perhaps the greatest psychological operation in history, as medical and government officials admit the numbers have been inflated. The official projected coronavirus numbers disseminated by the establishment to the public, which were used to justify the lockdowns, were based on controversial and inaccurate computer models funded by Bill Gates.

Picture of "Bio-Mass" of genetic material from China lab analysis, including element which may include the CoVid-19 virus

This is the symptoms and genetic identifier looked for in the test

David Icke

On the inventor of the current test, Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

The test according to David, Dr. Kaufman and others as well as indicated by the test inventor, identifies genetic material, and not a singular virus, though there may be a singular virus in the material itself.

David IckePreliminary stream reaction basis of the CoVid-19 test

“The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of The “Corona Test” Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It To Detect A Virus“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” –Kary Mullis, Inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction.”

This is a long but good read about the invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. You will get a good idea of what this test tells you and what it does not tell you. It also discusses a gulf in medical philosophy. Highly Recommended!

Robert Koch was born on December 11, 1843, at Clausthal in the Upper Harz Mountains. The son of a mining engineer, he astounded his parents at the age of five by telling them that he had, with the aid of the newspapers, taught himself to read, a feat which foreshadowed the intelligence and methodical persistence which were to be so characteristic of him in later life. He attended the local high school («Gymnasium») and there showed an interest in biology and, like his father, a strong urge to travel.

Koch’s Postulates consist of the following four rules:

The Golden Rule to identify a specific micro organism cause of disease.

  1. The microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals.
  2. The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture.
  3. When introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism should cause disease.
  4. The microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism.

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Dr Kaufman mentioned in the interview, does not believe the CoVid-19 is a properly specifically identified virus. He did this interview. And we took a couple of picturs to illustrate 2 points he makes about the virus. Dr Kaufman cites primarily evidence from Doctors he talked to and published from the hardest hit areas such as Italy and China, to back his claims.



Because the genetic material which may also contain a virus is going to be found in may people who will not die people are locked down based on models not actual statistics.

Event 201 was an event to prepare media and health officials to coordinate health information in case an illness broke out around the world. They chose the  coronavirus as the pandemic. We thought appeared too innocent to run as a reference article until January 22 when we realized the virus had broken out 6 weeks after the event, and 2 weeks later the people at the meeting were coordinating misinformation not facts openly discussed and available everywhere on the net. IRUUR1 - NWON, began to look at reports being ignored by MSM.

To be continued and re written in full in this article unfolding now to be published in part today.


Before we move to vaccines and ID's, let's look at the two theories and the evidence about CoVid-19 specifically, back to back. Consider this next video, contributed by one our our readers, as an establishment refresher course, and compare it to the evidence we have in total, relative to the new basis for analysis of all evidence and theories available. 

Keep in mind

This video is about a specific virus. The contrary evidence suggests it is a genetic material with a Coronavirus 2 element, possibly altered in a lab, but not necessarily, and which, whether manipulated in a lab, or mutated in nature, may have a unique virus in the specific genetic material which is a mixture of elements causing symptoms that from the genitic material as a whole is classified as a disease disease with a variety of symptoms, identified as a specific identifier in the medical community, and coded for testing as CoVid-19. - One more thing. Remember the 4 postulates required to ID a specific micro-organism. The Golden Rule to identify a specific micro organism cause of disease. above

Remember also the test used and referenced in the video is not for identifying a specific micro-organism the inventor has said. But it is for udentifying a specific genetic material. WATCH - Then we will summarize and compare.

Here is the video. -  - Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems – and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic. In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus. What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?



Video Analysis and Evidence

The first 5 minutes gives you a great science background into coronavirus disease. From the beginning of the video it begins to confirm the assertion, by Dr. Kaufman and others in epidemiology, that  coronavirus 2 is the basis of the symptoms and that the disease is called CoVid-19. So this raises the question, is CoVid-19 a disease as David suggests, or a specific virus? After that it gives a great presentation into coronavirus science.

At about 4 minutes we begin to see systematic exclusion of the totality of evidence available at the time of the posting of the video. Ventilators may not be the most effective treatment as some people are damaged by them and there are alternatives which have been increasingly used in the last month. Then it compares the CoVid-19 symptoms to that of a virus of the common flu. Again it omits evidence widely available. A good 6 days before the release of the video data was published which confirmed a 50 to 100 times the infection rate. This means that though the symptoms of CoVid-19 are widespread, they are statistically in line with the death rate of the common flu with the exact number to be determined.

Ex-NYT reporter Berenson says studies show coronavirus has already spread 'far more widely' than thought

It does this selection process throughout the video from 4 minutes, not including certain evidence and selecting evidence supporting lockdown policies, which again, recent evidence suggests based on the "herd immunity" principle will prolong the disease and further hamper individuals with vulnerabilities.

IRUUR1 sees then not one but potentially 2 conspiracy theories here possible, David's experts, and the International Vaccine industry experts. Indeed the entire set of lockdown normal recipes in the last part of the video, released on the 19th of April warns of danger. But the experts they ignore are proving to be right. This report from Fox News. "A feared spike in Wisconsin’s coronavirus infection rate following its April 7 in-person presidential primary never materialized, although some new cases of the virus were possibly linked to the election, according to a report."

One final thing about the vaccines, and the ethics of people who sell them and now dictate ill advised mass lockdowns thooughout the governments the world. Have places like India and Africa used people as human guinea pigs with tragic results as David Icke states? This article is a number 1 search in Google under vaccine testing in India.This article is one of many.

Deaths in a trial of the HPV vaccine | Indian Journal of Medical ...

ijme.in › articles › deaths-in-a-trial-of-the-hpv-vaccine - The death of girls who were a part of a Human Papilloma Virus vaccine trial has raised an alarm about the nature of research in India as well as the value ...

Vaccines, W.H.O. Bill Gates Global ID - Icke's References

This information is linked primarily to the organizations and those who advocate for them as evidence that they are saying what David Icke suggests they are saying.  We think it is important to knowwhat they re saying apart from what David and others suggest it means for your discretion and debate.

As we see certain evidence is shut out of debate by an interconnected group of economically and politically connected powerhouses in banking, health and medicine financing and government policy with media holdings.

People Connected To U.N., Vaccines, Global ID's, 5G, and AI

Bill Gates funding total to W.H.O., second only to U.S. Linked to Gavi, advocating for global vaccinations. Founded Gavi with $750,000,000.00 seed money.

Is the plan to have a global tattoo? Bill does publicly advocate for this and the technology is documented, being teted, upgraded and marketed to business and governments..

An Invisible Quantum Dot ‘Tattoo’ Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kidsdavid icke


Another vaccine research and public policy health giant has coordinated in the disinformation campaign, John Hopkins. Many players in the health industry along with co organizers, John Hopkins participated in Event 201

U.N. Agenda 2030

An official global agenda advocated for strongly here.

The Global Movement for Our Children’s Future- World Top 20 Project

Global Movement – Government Transparency                               The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) In 2015, 195 nations agreed that they can change the world for the better. This will be accomplished by bringing together their respective governments, businesses, media, institutions of higher education, …


[caption id="attachment_9355" align="alignleft" width="380"]david icke CLICK TO READ ARTICLE[/caption] 5G and artificial intelligence AI CONNECTION

Featured snippet from the web

Put simply, 5G speeds up the services that you may have on the cloud, an effect similar to being local to the service. AI gets to analyze the same data faster and can learn faster to be able to develop according to users' needs. 5G also promises significant breakthroughs in traditional mobile communications systems.  

Scientific American Article Things To Consider

We fact checked this article through one of our valuable readers familiar with the science of 5G and interested in the full story being firmly understood, both in his, and in the public mind. It is of course one opinion, but an analysis shared by many. "The exposure problems are in two categories and only really relate to the ionizing type radiation of microwave and higher frequencies, especially in the millimeter wave range. Those two problems both relate to power and proximity. So, if the phone is a low enough level power output, then can you hold it to your ear for an extended period of time? No other uses of the phone expose anyone to dangerous levels, including having it in your pocket. The other is where new antennas are placed and do they adhere to the same or tighter placement criteria. On the ionizing form of radiation, this has special behaviors on tissues and not all are well understood. This appears to be where much of the concerns exists since power levels are manageable."

Thomas Kanady

Here is another contrary 5G opinion

5G and AI: A Potentially Potent Combination - ISACA

Here is a pro industry application article with basic background info on 5G, AI capability.

How 5G Will Serve AI and Vice Versa

5G is the future of the edge. Though it’s still several years away from widespread deployment, 5G is a key component in the evolution of cloud-computing ecosystems toward more distributed environments. Between now and 2025, the networking industry will invest about $1 trillion worldwide on 5G, supporting rapid global adoption of mobile, edge, and embedded devices in practically …

How It Will Connect

Elon Musk 42,000 satellites AI 5G Hookup

Elon Musk will launch the first satellites to provide complete global satellite coverage for 5G and AI communication this means that the entire world will live under this new microwave blanket., with 6 billion people affected. None have been given a vote on it. Who sanctioned it and who locked down the world and spread a potentially harmful and disease as the pretext?

Elon Musk's 42,000 StarLink Satellites Could Just Save The ...

Jan 9, 2020 - Elon Musk's other company, SpaceX, is building Starlink, a global communications constellation that could approach a staggering 42,000 ... They are being launched on schedule.   SpaceX successfully launches 60 more Starlink satellites as it continues towards 2020 service debut TechCrunch Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are interfering with astronomy ... www.vox.com › science-and-health › space-x-starlink-a... Jan 29, 2020 - "You'll see the sky crawling": Astronomers fear that satellites will crowd ... a glowing haze that obscures the view of all but the brightest of stars.

Kurzweil 3000 - -  By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain... | The ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › Science Sep 27, 2009 - His Kurzweil 3000 educational software, which helps students with learning ... In Kurzweil's estimation, we will be able to upload the human brain to a ... first major invention: a home-made computer that could compose tunes.

What the Internet of Everything really is - a deep dive - i-SCOOP

www.i-scoop.eu › internet-of-things-guide › internet-of... The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that aims to look at the bigger picture in which the Internet of Things fits. Yet, when you look deeper at IoE, you'll ...

8 The Function of the Subreality Machine - Scientist and ...

www.dspguide.com › InnerLightTheory › innerlight8 PDF - understand why the brain contains a subreality machine, we need to understand ... our current rate of technological learning, this is the kind of project we might ...

Possible Ultimate Centrally Controlled Technocracy

Is such a thing as ultimate central control of behavior possible, or will the constitution prevail and we have AI, 5G safely tested ind installed for the people? It might be public and private utilities, or series of individual idea and intellectual property enterprises with access to the world. But for those who are interested in interconnecting the world, identifying and vaccinating through fear of death all who live and work in your system, these are the tools.

First you get people more disconnected individually and more comfortable in your system. Cash and yard sales in particular are an enemy to your digital money. then you have to secure all the individual information, connected t the trading potential of each id'd person.


www.cisco.com Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It's also known as information technology security or electronic information security. - What is Cyber Security? | Definition, Types, and User ...

Economic Dependency A New Economy Digital ID Currency

Following COVID-19: How the virus is affecting the ATM industry

www.atmmarketplace.com › news › following-covid-1... 2 days ago - ATM Marketplace is tracking CORONA-19 news, and we will update as more news becomes available.

FIDO Alliance - Open Authentication Standards More Secure ...

fidoalliance.org As the lines between offline and online commerce blur, addressing identity verification for managing payments is pivotal to the future of the financial industry ... ‎What is FIDO? · ‎How FIDO Works · ‎FIDO Members · ‎Specifications  

IQT - Bridging technology, venture, and intelligence – In-Q-Tel ...

www.iqt.org In-Q-Tel is the strategic investor for the U.S. intelligence and defense communities that identifies and adapts cutting-edge technologies that help make our nation ...

We Control The Fear Of Death and What We Live For

A system of control by a few people, perhaps as many as millions, relative to 6 billion people in the world, exists and it's use is based on secrets, influence, economic and political power. We can call them the 1 million best and brightest because they are absolutely amazing people to varying degrees. It is a natural ratio of driven people to advise, lead succeed and fail according to their expertise and passion. this is their purpose in nature. They believe different things like your and me.  You will find much of the same so called sacred symbology from Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, orders, Rosicrucians, satanists, Masons, even Chinese and ancient Egyptian etc, all in plain view presented by people driven to excellence. They all are competing for ultimate influence through various political and economic guises, driven by intelligence data available in the system.

How Would A System Work

david icke

An ultimate system of control can only exist in a corrupted social order that allows it to have for a time, unnatural power which will result in an evolutionary dead end for species, due to conformity. The corruption is based on fear of death and those who will protect the body from it. This is the most common historic basis for control and tyranny. In that state, the individual is protected, and motivated to remain healthy enough to gratify their 5 senses in accordance to a plan they must adhere to, day in an out.  

But neither we nor any system we can imagine or create, created the 5 senses. We have not created our existence in any conceivable way. Plus our protected 5 senses of existence are roughly a mere 5% part of being, which is the sum total of ourselves. One aspect of our ultimate Being can be measured through the electromagnetic spectrum of which our genealogy is a part. This genealogical experience of 5 sense immersion, lasts as you know, only a short while of life span here. Fulfillment in life for an individual and for species, is intrinsic to each one's individual, collective connection within species, to fullness of being and our ability to live in it, express it, and experience greater parts of it. beyond, and in conjunction with the 5 senses. This is our birth right and obligation in nature and Creation. All of which is connected to our perception of greater Unknown purpose. 


Fear of living in the fullness of being, beyond the 5 senses is fear of death. But you were born for a purpose and there is a value in nature for your existence for this short time of experience.  Therefore self preservation is natural. You have through some unknown means a birth right and obligation of purpose and value to be here and express.  But the ability to express fullness of being and experience it cannot be had through fear of losing only 5% of being of which the 5 senses are a part.

Preservation of identity and the ability of an identity, from a molecule to a person, to defend itself, sustains that identity in nature. This is the law of nature. Therefore fear of death is natural in an individual. We have the ability now to fear death much less in the civil society, due to interconnections. Because of our valuable inter-connections we also have the ability, and may need to centralize control of parts of this system, for a moment of purpose. If an asteroid is headed our way, or a pandemic of ebola like proportions is sweeping the globe, even climate change, centralized mechanisms of control in vital areas will be valuable. When it is over we begin again as freer identities, forming units of social orders.

When that fear requires conformity of purpose, based on evidence we are in better shape. When it is based on the power to manipulate, it is a dead end for species. The one million best and brightest, cannot manipulate 6 billion people, other than by their compliance, in return for their short lived reward. They cannot out think 6 billion interconnected people seeking to learn from each other and apply unique solutions to their needs. All can prosper from the best and brightest. All will benefit from their advise and leadership, in a world of interconnected individual, intellectual and real property rights. A civil society based on natural birth rights and obligations will sustain the variety required in nature.

Individual rights bring variety to species, required for sustainability in nature. Conformity is death in nature and Creation. No system of conformity, no matter what it's value and purpose, can regulate the Unknown usefully in nature, for longer than a moment.




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A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity


The Human Family is the True Sovereign, Master Race comprised of all colors. We are one species. This is media to advance the sovereign rights, and potential for all people in the Civil Society and Natural World Order .

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