Alternative Press Style Point: Challenge and Advantage


The MSM control over distribution, relative to the alternative press, consists of two essential elements. The first is one trillion plus dollars worth of investments in media assets, under their control. The second is the AP style point.

Style Point, Public Trust, and Alternative Press Distribution

Of those two the style point can be said to be the most important. The AP style point definitions, immediately galvanize all stories around an ideology and a framework for the presentation of fact and opinion. This galvanizes the message in the public mind, as a consensus of agreement. In this regard then it can said that the AP style point is the weakest of the two essential elements necessary for influence, and is the source of the lack of public trust in media.

Example; My Nation, Your Nation

A reasonable style point would suggest that this is about nations, place of birth and/or citizenship and not race. Nations often have more than one race. However, the AP style point suggests otherwise, as do many red flag speech laws in many countries. This eliminates the use of nation language, without a potentially offensive racial context. In the public mind and in private discourse, this, taboo, definition lacks a fully reasonable rationale. Therefore, lack of public trust. AP style point definitions have lots of these examples. This works to the Alternative Press Advantage.

Alternative Press Style Point Advantage/Challenge

Alternative press does not adhere to the AP style point definitions. We adhere to facts and the meaning of words to reinforce our publishing. This is why readership is growing

However, alternative press lacks a galvanizing style point and press service, to promote rational definitions in published stories., as AP has. Therefore, alternative press blogs and news outlets become outlier in the public mind. Alternative outlets are considered by the public as a wilderness of nuts and berries, possibly useful, healthy and tasty, if you have the time to find a research path that is true.

Under martial law, the public has more time to get informed. Alternative press does not have time and needs to galvanize around reasonable language definitions now.

Alternative Press Has Resources For A Style Point and Distribution Service

AP is backed by investors who finance distribution, behind their style point definitions. Each Blog and publication is, or has investors and also sponsors. Alternative media reaches tens of millions around the world, of disparate, but increasingly consensus seeking readers. This represents a major, thoughtful, active readership, potentially very powerful if galvanized around a reasonable set of definitions, distinguishable from AP's obviously biased style point.

Alternative Press Style Point Already Exists

There are historically, and in current use, style points based on reasoned, organic language rationale. Publishers likely to lead a style point enterprise will likely know of one or more useful models. This is good because alternative media haven't much time. A reasonable framework for information distribution to galvanize public trust IS REQUIRED NOW. We are already being shut down everywhere due to lack of a galvanizing instrument in the psyche ops war. Publishers are often apologizing for, or explaining definitions of basic word use in content. 

With a rational style point AP will have the explaining to do

With a free and paid publisher membership distribution service centered around a rational use of language, the ideological bias in AP propaganda will become more publicly apparent, and with a style point, can be academically challenged as well. Academic challenge gains weight in the public mind.alternative press

If this distribution service existed today, with a small budget to promote itself, it would likely already have over one thousand publishing paid and free members, and growing.  Public membership could be added as well. Since the term AP for alternative press is already taken by Associated Press, let's call this SP Sovereign Press

A Rationally Based Style Point Will Reveal Ideological Bias

A rational style point that may reveal ideological bias, should be acceptable to fact based publications. Even if ideologically driven, most publications believe the language of the facts are on their side. advances Natural Law. This can be seen as an ideology. But whether or not it is, one thing is clear. When IRUUR1  says nation it means nation, and when it says race, it means only that.

Clear Public Thirst For Clarity of Content

Alternative press functions best when all viewpoints are represented. Any viewpoint may contain some element of truth to another, even if impossible to use as a stable form of government, FOREVER!. The purpose of the press in general, alternative or otherwise, is to provide information to the public to guide their governance. The press then allows reporting on all forms of governance both personal and private as anyone may have useful elements  when public organization is needed. Not only in politics, but perhaps more importantly, lifestyle choice as well. The Press does not impose a form of government or culture on People. That is the role of propaganda..

A Rational Style Point driven distribution service, is the tool to dig the well to quench the public's thirst for clear digestible information, and tap the eternal wellspring of knowledge within each one

The Voice Of The People Is The Voice of God

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