A marketer's view on publish0x stats: is it worth to publish here?

A marketer's view on publish0x stats: is it worth to publish here?

By Giorgiob | MarketingHub | 12 Apr 2020

intro to the article

There's one thing I normally do as soon as I visit an interesting site: I look at its stats. 

One of the most popular tools to estimate another site's traffic and engagement is "SimilarWeb", but it's possible to get some interesting insights about companies and individuals using SEO tools and Content Marketing suites. 

Today, I want to share with you my findings on Publish0x and why this platform is among the best publishing platforms in the crypto space.

Publish0x's own stats

Let's start by the data the team behind publish0x.com put on the stats page

588,854 tips were made in the last 30 days, totalling 11,082.75$ of tips towards articles of various content creators. This amount of money derives from the airdrops performed by the team, and no user spent his or her own money to tip a content creator.

10,871 users joined the site last month, bringing the total number of users since the beginnings of publish0x to 76,955. Since the graph starts from dec2018, it's likely to be a 2-year period. 

The growth in daily users has been consistently going up for months, and we reached a new spike during the weekend's temporary increase of tips.

publish0x user growth

Those members are not here to idle. We are a vibrant and thoughtful community, and 1,116 content creators published a total of 6,547 posts on the platform, meaning 8% of publish0x's users are also content creators.

Looking at the total number of articles we can see a growth pattern. 13.3% of the posts published on the platform were published on the last 30 days, with the total of 49,224 Blog posts Written from its first release.

This pattern clearly shows that this is the phase to gain more users.

8% of them will become authors, and authors will increase the amount of blog posts by over 10% each month, brining the SEO side of the site AND the value provide to each user skyrocket.

SEO stats

Publish0x is among the best platforms to write SEO-friendly articles.

Most blockchain-based distribution platforms like Hive, Steemit and LBRY (usually considered publish0x competitors) don't have a single interface and can be reached by multiple clients. 

This means your article will be indexed on hive, peakd, busy, and dozens of other sites rendering content from the Hive Blockchain. This issue is easily solved by using rel=canonical tags, but a serious SEO structure can benefit writers a lot more.

Google is smarter every day, and the only platform set for success in the long-term SEO game of voice search, rich snippets in this space is Publish0x.

Let's look at some data, shall we? 


The screenshot above was taken from MangoTools, a new SEO suite targeting SMB. Semrush, the leader of competitor analysis, also shows similar data: 


And the last report I created is made with SEO Spyglass, the best desktop tool to analyze backlinks and rankings: 


My goal in this post is not to give you a full SEO audit of Publish0x, it's boring and useless for most users. But give me 2 mins to explain what you see in the graphs.

Mangotools is totally unreliable when it comes to backlinks analysis, but it has a good alghorytm to display Domain Authority. SEMRush and Moz somewhat share the same result, so no point in adding more screenshots.

By calculating a medium value between all the outputs, we can say publish0x has a domain authority of 48/100: not bad at all.

Almost no site has 100/100 and reaching the 90 mark is hard. Don't think the scale is the same as the rating scale in schools... most site are under 40DA, hence 48 is a good score considering how new this site is.

Backlinks are another crucial factor of a website SEO reputation.

Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings. (backlinko)

SEMRush reports 295k backlinks, while SEOSpyglass estimates 116.2k links to publish0x. In this case, SEMRush has a bigger database, hence it finds 2x times more results than SEOSpyglass. 

When it comes to referring domains we can see a similar pattern, SEMRush reports 2.3k referral domains (links from a single domain, NOT general urls where there's a link pointing to the site) and SEOSpyglass is stuck at 1.2k.

Let's say we trust SEMRush more, and confirm Publish0x has more than 2k referring domains that talked about publish0x 200.000 times in 2 years.

We can conclude Publish0x received around 277 mentions per day around the web from 2.7 new sites inside a 2 year period. This is an incredible figure, and if we presume a linear growth, we can expect the platform to reach half a million backlinks from more than 5k sites and double the visitors we see today in a year.

Social Media Stats

Publish0x has an official channel on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Twitter is the only platform with more than 1.000 followers, all the others are fairly stagnant.


Generally speaking, no one seems to talk about Publish0x outside of the blockchain bubble. Social Animal wasn't able to find recent content on our platform and Buzzsumo had a hard time finding great social value in any of the article shown in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or shared over social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit). 

None of the current content marketing suites track mentions and results on blockchain-based applications, like LBRY or Bitchute, where Publish0x is greatly advertised by several content creators.



The Instagram profile is low on ER (engagement rate) and has very few posts, less than 30. 

Publications are extremely rare, and the team is not focused on Instagram at all. It's not a bad choice for now, since they have more important areas to focus on, but IG is the new Facebook and the medium age is growing quickly.

It's a nice place to find tech people willing to know something new, and ads are extremely underpriced in most countries around the globe.

Turning Publish0x multilingual, or using ads on low-trafficked hashtags and interests, could benefit users growth in the short and medium run, while SEO and Affiliates continue to do their job and bring value on the long run.


While engagement rates are low, the team still found a way to get noticed in the crypto world, which is everyday more vibrant on Instagram and Linkedin - a very big miss in the company's social media strategy.


This is the most vibrant platform for Publish0x, and the team is extremely active posting daily quotes, news and comments.


They sometimes show stats from the site and start discussions with the community.

Twitter is being used properly and I'm sure this brought several benefits to the team, both in terms of engagement and new people discovering the platform. 

Please remember social networks are a huge hub of interesting people nowadays, and twitter is the epicentre of every deep discussion online. Reddit and Linkedin are amazing places as well, but they usually allow for less customization and personal touches, while Igor and his coworkers seem to be very focused on showing their excitement with the entire community.

The twitter profile needs some polishment, but it's good and timely managed.


Every content published on Twitter is repurposed on the Facebook Page. This is not how content marketing works when the goal is bringing a new idea to the market. 

Every platform has its tone of voice, and every social network inspire a different set of emotions and actions to the end user. A twitter user scrolling the blue bird feed is searching for quick news and 2-lined comments.

A Facebook user scrolling to the big F network won't focus on reading an external article, because Facebook penalizes external links by lowering the % of organic reach

The team should focus on creating even slightly different, contextualized content on each platform. For example, Gary Vee publishes the same content on Facebook and Linkedin but uses a prompt at the beginning saying "Hey Facebook" or "hi Linkedin" based on the platform.

This behaviour creates a human connection between the author and the reader on the most text-focused platform.

Last but not least... Youtube


Youtube is greatly misused and Publish0x should really allocate more time to create video tutorials, webinars and live master classes. People don't know what BAT, DAI and other coins present on donations here are. They don't know what a blokchain is or how crypto currencies gain values. They don't know a lot of stuff...

... and one of the best way to let them try a new product, like ours, is to give them answers to their questions. 

gained subs publish0x

Youtube could be used to create live stream, video tutorials by the team AND the community, contests and live games. Also, every Youtube Video can be automatically imported to LBRY and saved to be reused on Bitchute, Other Video Sharing Blockchain apps and several blockchain-based social ecosystems like Hive, Steem and Minds.

Let's remember we're talking about the #2 most used search engine in the World. The daily growth of 2-3 subs and the total number of subs below 1,000 shows is not encouraging for a new user deciding to join publish0x or not based on YouTube videos.

A marketer's view on Publish0x Stats and Marketing Presence

Publish0x is an amazing platform led by a great team, that's why most of the stats, both the declared ones and found by tools ones, are on a growing trend. 

The number of authors is increasing and, even though the medium earning per article is still very low if we consider the total amount of tips per day and the total amount of posts published, we're at the beginning of a new era.

Crypto currencies will change how we interact with digital money forever, and blockchain based Crypto currencies will allow us to decentralize everything, including our content. 

My final opinion is extremely positive.

I'm thrilled to see how fast this platform is growing, and I think the team did an amazing job at structuring the affiliate program to be enticing for big affiliates and non-intrusive for existing readers.

I do feel we could do more, as a community, on social networks though. Even a single post, DM or story can help Publish0x grow by an even faster rate, brining our dream of earning by sharing closer every day.



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