Play of the Week #002

Play of the Week #002

Last week I told you guys about TLT which is still a beauty to hold threw this turmoil. 

Gotta stay consistent with this so here is my next play of the week. This past week I dabbled in the Coronavirus bio tech plays. I bought 100 shares of CODX around $7.5 and sold half at $9.30 the other half around $11.50. This company is a maker of the test for the COVID-19 so I would likely buy more of this if it dropped below 9 dollars. 

The next thing I did was a two day swing trade on VIR because of the BIIB news. VIR is making some kind of vaccine with BIIB. Last year I got lucky and turned $500 into $12k on BIIB in an earnings session and that is what got me into the biotech sector. I bought 100 shares of VIR at $40.61 and I also sold a $50 3/20 for 4.10. The next day I bought that contract back at 1.75 and sold the shares at $42.60. Overall this was a profit of $434. It's considered a covered call that I bought back. I was not afraid to hold this one because of earnings the following week. It’s going to be this Thursday so keep an eye on VIR. Currently this trades at $39.99 I would reconsider nibbling a little before earnings maybe if VIR reaches around the $35 range.  

Going into this week I'm riding puts on the spy and calls on TLT, and UVXY. 

If you guys have any virus plays you would like to share please post in the comments.


















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