HODL with Uphold 10% Compound Interest Holding BTC and BCH
HODL with Uphold 10% Compound Interest Holding BTC and BCH

Here is a little gem i must share with this community.

I have been in the crypto space for the last three years. Something I enjoy is knowing my money is safe and working for me at the same time. I'm HODLing my BTC in Uphold using CRED. This is just the best deal out there right now and I gotta share it with you.

One of my best friends in San Diego loves crypto bought in around 7k back in the day and now holds like 2k of btc, and XRP. He's the type of guy that just holds his money in Coinbase, always talks about getting a hardware wallet but never does. Thinks it's stable that way leaving his crypto in that one account he trust because it's insured. The issue with his strategy is not looking at the crypto space and what's going on with staking.  

There are three apps that offer benefits like this that have been around for awhile now: crypto.com 8.6%, blockfi 8.6%, uphold 10%. 

Crypto.com and uphold both will give you better rates if you hold their coins. I'm not sure with Blockfi as I never used it. 

I've downloaded Crypto.com and made a account they have a lot of cool features. Although, they only offer 5.5% on BTC but they offer 18% on their own coin CRO. Crypto.com pays out daily I'm not sure if that is way more than monthly if someone does that math please post it. 

Uphold pays monthly but does lock in your crypto in at the price you start at for 6 months but that's not bad if your just planing to sit and forget like me. It also works in your favor if crypto goes down because your still locked in at that rate. 

I did receive a tax document with my interest earnings.

One thing is fur sure, that if you going to HODL better be earning interest while doing it. 


If you guys have better programs that you use feel free to share it in the comments. 




https://platinum.crypto.com/r/69w7m3tcrb to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $50 USD 1f642.png

https:blockfi.com (if you use the brave browser it offers you a extra 10$)


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