Do You Even Stake Bro? is a SCAM???
BTC on Steak

Do You Even Stake Bro? is a SCAM???

HODL my homies, we are entering the crypto renaissance. If you've been brain washed into storing your crypto in a cold wallet your losing money. Might as well be holding dollars during this hyper inflation. 

I've never made money trading crypto.

Well that's a lie, 3commas has the best trading robots low key but now they charge a subscription and it's just not worth it anymore. If you guys know how to set up some "good" free trading robots let me know in the comments. 

So i turn to staking in this day and age to make my crypto; nothing better than bag holding your favorite coins and getting paid for it. But where do you stake them? Seems like now everyone and there mother are letting you stake. 

These are the two best staking platforms. I'll tell you where I got my stash hidden. is where I store most of my coins. Yes it was all click bait to get you to learn about I put $672.07 in the platform bought 10,000 CRO tokens and started the 3 month staking program with 16% interest paid weekly. Now my account value is $1503.99 and I made $49.64 in the last two months from staking. That's 236% in a little over two months. I can't get returns like this in any other market. I plan to increase my stake in CRO and add a few other coins to the platform that only they have staking on like NEO, and ICON. They don't have the best rates for BTC though. is awesome and they have a tier system where you make more the more MCO your staking. Up to like 8% extra on top depending on how much MCO your staking. I feel every time I look at the App it's going up and I've been waiting for CRO to drop so i can back up the truck but i don't know if I'll get the chance. 


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I'm using the Uphold wallet to store my Bitcoin there CRED service has the best rate in the industry on BTC 7%. They catch is you have to lock your BTC for 6 months but i don't mind. Sometimes they have promotions I've locked in my BTC for as high as 12% one time. But the rates have been going down as the fed cuts rates they try to use that as the excuse to cut them every now and then. 


Other relevant safe places to store your crypto:

Binance (I don't trust them for more than a few days.)

Coinbase (If you want the lowest return on the market.) 


Bit Leauge

Bancor Defi 


Not here to flex on you guys but your sleeping on this! Share with your Homies! 

Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD 🙂




If you guys know better places or safe places to stake coins let us know in the comments! 


Thank you!





Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

I write about Crypto and Stocks. I trade often, all my portfolios combined are around 30k. I live in the bay area and know a lot about technology. I'll provide the trends to you guys before the masses.

Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

I write about stocks and crypto it's all i really know about.

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