Why Stoners need to get on HIVE + 6 Free WAX NFT airdrop

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 21 Oct 2021

Do you use crypto & cannabis regularly, want to blog / vlog about your ganja, Mabey your more into NFTs play to earn games based on cannabis. No matter what crypto cannabis niche your after if your a pothead on blockchain you need HIVE in your life. Hive can be a bit of work setting up but the rewards are without compare, I earn so much more on HIVE it pays for the second NFT airdrop here. 



Splinterlands is the HIVE blockchains current claim to fame, There are however up & coming Dapps on HIVE other then Splinterlands. Want to join in on all Hive has to offer like for instance my airdrops, Monetized blogs & several play to earn games try my Peakd Referral below

Peakd Is a HIVE based Dapp known as a tribe its the same as HIVE 


Two big names in cannabis on HIVE are Weedcash & Hash Kings


Hash kings is a play to earn game on HIVE you grow digital pot plants & harvest BUDS their HIVE alt when the plant fully matures.



So these are the Play to earn aspects of Hive but I'm more into that PoB Blogging & DeFi on HIVE as that's where the good money is, Weedcash is a Crypto Monetized Blog on HIVE that pays users WEED their alt for posting or interacting in weedcash. 




I just grabbed the links from Ecency another HIVE tribe here's the link to the Weedcash site


Will HIVE or weedcash make you rich over night of course not, HIVE gave me a start on my crypto portfolio one year ago. In that year my portfolio has grown from just a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.


Above is my WAX portfolio totally funded by My HIVE earnings, This isn't meant as a brag simply a suggestion. I owe all that I have made to my start on Weedcash, Splinterlands, & HIVE.  

One of 2 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here & ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx in the comments.



Join Hive dont join HIVE I have done all I can do, the 6 NFT going to todays 2nd lucky reader are connected to active vIRL collections & 3 play to earn games enjoy the NFTs & please let the other readers know the link was claimed in comments.


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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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