WEED Cash Five for Friday update
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WEED Cash Five for Friday update

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 26 Feb 2021

none February 19-26  These are the current Hive engine prices for the WEED WEED Miner WEEDM  WEED Mega Miner WEEDMM. Tough drop for many crypto this week but like the rest WEED shelfed way above the  $0.01 from early January. The WEED cryptocurrency has a Fixed market cap of  42,418,486.25 With the number at Circulating (100.00%) 42,418,246.37. It is only either purchased second hand from owners or its earned by Mining with Dcity, several staking coins on Hive-engine Including WEEM Fixed market cap 4,201.00 and WEEDMM Fixed market cap 4,201.00  as well as Writing posts on https://weedcash.network/@chubb149/feed However you need to be a hive user for any of this try my peakd referral this will get you around phone verification 



 This weeks Five picks 












If you dont want to join hive (AKA not earn for posting but still message me and other users see our recent posts and updates on everything Weedcash try our new off ledger weed chat A great place to ask questions about everything the mods devs and myself check in daily.

https://www.weedcash.org/members/brandon36907436/ This is my member page here's the blank link 



This is also the site that the Weedcash store is on now featuring a chat and message function.




 I'm making my own cannabis collectable NFTs Called Cronic Cards On Atomic Hub for WAX wallet users 




That's the link to the first edition only available to weedcash users Only ten where made or will ever be made Kind of a pre release before the collection hits the market Sunday.




  I'm also selling Rare or legendary splinterlands NFTs on  https://wax.atomichub.io/profile/akyqy.wam as well 




 Paid 420 WEED for a coffee mug this week 





And mad a post about making my own CBD cartridge's




 Using two of my sponsors products but ill keep this post professional Sorta busy for a stoner    



If your on hive and want to follow my account 






New to the crypto community looking for friends

Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

A brief look into how advances in the weed industry can have a direct effect on integrated markets

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