Cannabis plant Harvest Time & weed NFTs + Airdrop

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 8 Oct 2021


Mostly marijuana on the brain today Going over some local grows from this year. Look into a few Cannabis NFTs & blockchain Games + the NFT airdrop.

Harvest time in Michigan

Finally I get some photos of some quality Bud from some of my friends grows this year. With 2 separate Grows being Robbed this year trust is at a low while paranoia is High so asking for Photos not ideal.

That being said I managed some photos also I'm working on more. Given my friends like the Idea of Weedcash I'm likely going to be doing Edible recipes write Ups & NFT cannabis recipe cards.

Perhaps even like a Bubble bag Hash overview something like that some real weed content not just the digital pot that I traffic in all to often.

Michigan Grows

This was grown by @blanceganja my friend I recently had join Hive.

So far they just play Splinterlands but ill try & get him to post here on weedcash he is a really talented grower, So getting updates on his grow here on hive would be cool.
These things are beasts the plants have around 2 pounds a piece on them.
The photos kind of dark but that isn't a tree its a cannabis plant
about 14ft tall, Mid harvest so these plants have been picked once.

The taller one is a gorilla glue chocolate Thai stick hybrid smells like skunk coffee.
Humble little shrubs turn into this

See that fence Someone drove through that shit to rob him & failed to get more then 1 plant.
From this to
Plants to big to harvest in one shot, Been a rough time for @blanceganja Hill-Billys driving threw his grow to rob him & all sorts of shit, still producing jaw dropping plants.

Another grow

Another local grow the owner let me get a few photos of
Michigan is surprisingly good for growing weed as it turns out
I just find myself spacing when it comes to getting photos
3 joints in & you tend to forget a lot
That's 3 joints a sitting 15 joints on a good day but many of those are shared.

Crypto market is higher then I am

Like to see it when all your crypto does this shit
All in the green & green weed all over good day in my book
I know its not Weed or NFT related but damn bull runs feel great.

Weedchat new community topics

This is why I like Hive Tribes like Weedcash, When wondering what will get further user engagement the devs will often workshop with the users.

So the question posed in this post

Is what community topics we would like to see on Weedchat?
Got any thoughts of what you would like to see click the link above & share your opinion.

Hive List

I'm currently working more IRL at my day job, However I was recently told I could become a vendor and centralize My NFT portfolios rarer NFTs for sale on each blockchain.

This way there is a quick reference If you want to buy some of my better NFT listings. As my NFTs range the gambit on the blockchains they are based on, WAX alone has over 1,400 NFTs in my resale account.

A centralized format on Hive List just seems like a good call, When I'm not working lately I'm trimming weed or writing articles

Assuming I find a few hours in the future ill get cracking on becoming a vendor and getting a one stop NFT shop going.


Hives best kept blockchain gaming secrete Dcrops, Is actually very profitable as it turns out. Last pack sale I stocked up for $2 a piece on Dcrops Alpha Packs.

Now 1 month later I can sell my $20
For around $50 not bad but they also make me HIVE by owning the packs as well as helping my season rank which pays users CROP which can be deposited to the game for more HIVE in their daily payout.

So sell now double my money & then some + the money I Earned thus far via ownership. It appears that they have done 2 pack sales thus far & I believe that Dcrops should be selling more packs soon.
Like Splinterlands there is an in game market to just get some plots & seeds is still easily done for fairly cheap.
You can grow seeds in the current season once every 2 weeks & you get shares for a successful harvest.
For this season I'm rank 165 giving me a payout of 517 CROP
thus far once my next harvest takes place this will likely double.
See more CROP more Packs the higher the HIVE payout per user.
Anyone familiar with Dcity SIM rewards CROP & Dcrop have a similar function.
Builds on Dcity are popular with curation & delegation accounts here on HIVE & to me It feels like the Dcrops Game will likely have similar adoption.

Dcity is complicated by comparison simply plant & harvest, your CROP pays out to your account every 2 weeks based on total shares earned that season. More Crop you make the more HIVE you can make every day.

Getting started is cheap on Dcrops $1 or so should get you everything either on NFTmart or the in game store.
Please consider using my referral

Hash Kings

You smoke as much weed as I & distracted is 100% of your existence. That being said I remembered this is a Weed post back on track.
So Hash kings never stops amazing me in its rate of development 3 days ago they announced special seeds.
Gained Via the MOTA pool in game see this link for rules
Needless to say rare weed NFTs with a burn use case & utility value are something I will likely be perusing.
Gorilla Glue weed seeds in a game on HIVE, I can now die happy
Raids on its way Phantom bridge operational & new seeds + distribution methods for them Hashkings looking damn passible.

VIP Passes

So this is an Idea I have been bating around lately, a VIP pass for HIVE, NFTs or crypto alts in monthly airdrops for NFT VIP pass owners.

Not sure specifically the price & how large of a reward every month is partially what I'm figuring out currently.

Weather or not to do different types of passes like a stoner one & an NFT one.

The NFT VIP would pay out 3 NFTs or something like that from several different HIVE games or NFT collections to the owners once a month.

Stoner VIP NFT would do monthly airdrops of weed based HIVE crypto or NFTs to owners or the Stoner VIP pass.

I have been struggling with finding a fair balanced way to do HIVE NFT airdrops like the WAX ones, this is my best idea thus far as its something that would guarantee certain readers a reward no matter what.

Implementation may take some time but its definitely a plan in the works.

Crypto Buds io

Been collecting these for a while now they launch a new Bud NFT every 3 days the Sale rate has died down since the cards launched but.

This colection was just popular enough to potentially make it to a second colection completion reward.

Seems like a really basic colection but the market seems to like it & so do It just remains to be seen their plans for the future of this NFT colection.

BroBro 420 NFT Halloween party

So weird world we live in now a-days Check my email & I have an invite to
This is due to me being on the mailing list & purchasing a Token from the colection with a myriad of perks this is just the first of many.
So all this + exclusive access to a discord server Sine this is by far the biggest weed NFT line to date on WAX I had to get into it
The colection is in the production phase of their native token $KENN a WAX alt with Defi Plans that upcoming airdrop I already get due to my purchase

I'm of course the Broke Bro Pack getting me the bells & whistles + the 10,000 $KENN airdrop party invites.

This collections shocking in its level of detail involved in their roadmap & whitepaper.

Most stoner collections are half baked, the best of them have glaring flaws but BroBro420 & $KENN seem well thought out & the launch appears to be going well.

This shit seems like a game changer even the broke bro pack is pricey & you cant sell it you have to hope the rewards like the airdrop recoup losses.

On the other hand those airdrops tend to surprise me lately so I have faith this will go well.

Ganja Gnomes

The NFT colection Gnomes has a great many weed references, to me the best part is a good ganja gnome can be worth hundreds or even thousands of $$$.🤑
You would never get $1,000,000 for a gnome NFT but if that's the only other listing lucking into one of these could be worth a fairly hefty price tag.

Now they are allowing people to level up the rare versions of the Gnome NFT pushing its rarity further then ever before.

See the Mary J Gnome is the first Gnome ever made for this entire colection.

This is why the where the first ones to be staked for evolution eggs. These can increase a maxed LvL Gnomes rarity of that type so Mary J Gnomes eggs apply to Mary J Gnome Cards when high enough level.
I have 10 already now I need to get a higher level Mary J Gnome then bam evolution.
Rarity effects payout as does level in the PvP matches in the Gnocity game. So being able to burn the less rare of the colection has been their main problem.

As the market is flooded with the cheap cards & devoid of the rare ones this should fix that.

Not only is the game PvP with this crazy new burn use case but they added a beta races version of the game to the Gnomes NFT colection(s) which now technically spans 3 separate but connected Via Gnocity NFT Lines.
My favorite part of this colection is the extremely rare limited minting packs that sell like hot cakes if your lucky enough to get one.

I Keep GNOKEN in My wallet & check in to their twitter or the game to see if there is a drop.

You get the pack for like $20 sell it 3 days later for $35 -$40
Its like if Splinterlands launched mini pack lines every few days or so, vigilant players can make a good amount just stocking up on limited sale NFTs then waiting.

WAX market tracker

This website was desperately needed as tracking NFT collections before required 3 websites now you can check transactions by volume.
Has most game enabled NFT collections on WAX & their current 24 sale volume. Helps you see where the money is going but it misses any WAX NFT without a game so its not perfect but damn useful.

Like a list of the best P2E Play 2 Earn game NFT collections on WAX.

What I'm smoking

For anyone new I do the what I'm smoking section in My weedcash posts.

As a way to stop in once a week & let some weedcash users get a chance at the NFT airdrop(s).

Today I'm smoking
Any one of 6-7 strains I have lying around, its harvest time.
Either Runtz or Gorilla Glue Thai Stick I think fricken toasted

Both serving as a joke Showing what cannabis I'm smoking when I wrote that post, But also as a warning to consider the source when using the information found in it.

Air drop(s) changes

Now to continue the general Idea of giving back to Hive & my followers / Readers ill begin posting to both HIVE & Publish OX.

Publish OX being about 20 min to an hour later ill re post both to twitter.

Both will now have an airdrop so you miss Hive try my Publish OX later that day.

This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after publish Ox has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.


One of 2 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here & ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx in the comments.


Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy lucky reader.


WAX NFT guide

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
Free WAX game play to earn
BSC ALT tipping Social media platform

Hive Games

Social Media Second airdrop link PublishOX

Hive profile
Hive referral
NFT airdrops after Hive
Join publish Ox
Weedcash is a Hive tribe with the core focus on cannabis, cant stop talking about weed your in the right place. One of the many Hive services I recommend you check out. Hive has something for everyone.


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