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Our 1st ever Map of the Day is one of the truly great crypto maps that exists. We have the Blockchain Technology Stack map provided by @Unicorn_Watch, who have been crypto mapping since June 2015. 

This map provides rich information about different crypto organizations' valuation proposition within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem based on what Layer of the OSI Model they are located. The OSI Model is the Open Systems Interconnection model. This map also shows organizations grouped with their category comparables. 

While this map is a little older (dated June 2019), there are many recognizable names that are still leading crypto organizations in Q4 2020, including Matic ($MATIC), Cosmos ($ATOM), Polkadot ($DOT), Quant ($QNT), Metamask, 0x ($ZRX), Maker ($MKR), Enjin ($ENJIN), Chainlink ($LINK), VeChain ($VET) to name a few. 

There is plenty of ambiguity when in comes to mapping crypto, and plenty of organizations could lie in multiple Layers, or within multiple Categories.

This map has helped me conceptually understand the macro-crypto-ecosystem. It has also helped me explain cryptocurrencies to friends and family who had previously just owned Bitcoin (BTC) and wanted to learn about other Altcoins. 

Thank you @Unicorn_Watch !

Blockchain Tech Stack


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