Conscious Caffeine #5 - Coffea liberica

By tych0_21 | MapMatics | 4 Feb 2021

Coffea liberica

Coffea liberica is a far lesser-known variety of the Coffea genus than arabica or canephora, making up for less than 1% of the global coffee consumption. Although native to the tropics of Central and Western Africa, the primary regions of C. liberica production have since shifted to Malaysia and the Philippines. Liberica coffees can be distinguished as being either Kapeng Barako, the dominate cultivar across Malaysia and the Philipines, or Excelsa coffee, distinguished by its relatively smaller bean size and less bitter cup quality.  Regardless of variety, liberica beans can be identified by their asymmetrical shape. With one side shorter than the other, a characteristic "hook" shape is given to liberica beans. Liberica trees reach over 20 ft in height when fully grown, requiring the use of ladders for harvesting. This obstacle to harvesting along with the spread of coffee leaf rust virus across Southeast Asia has reduced the extent to which C. liberica is grown in the region today. The vast majority of liberica beans today are not produced for export due to relatively low demand outside of Southeast Asia.


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