Conscious Caffeine #2 - Coffea arabica

By tych0_21 | MapMatics | 2 Feb 2021

Coffea arabica

First described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753, Coffea arabica is the most important commercially traded species in the Coffea genus, Accounting for just under 60% of global coffee consumption. Coffea arabica is the hybridized offspring of Coffea canephora and Coffea eugenioides. Today arabica varieties can be broadly subdivided into three lineages: Typicas; Bourbons; and Ethiopian Varieties.  Arabica coffee beans are considered to produce the best tasting species in the arabica genus. Arabica coffees are typically grown in stable tropical /subtropical climates at altitudes greater than 600 m. Finer varieties are associated with growth at greater heights; however, as climate change continues to alter arabica plantation habitat and aid the spread of pests, many growers are forced to resort to planting the less palatable but hardier canephora species.


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