Conscious Caffeine #18 - Villa Sarchi

By tych0_21 | MapMatics | 19 Feb 2021

Villa Sarchi

Like Caturra, and Pacas, Villa Sarchi is a dwarf Bourbon mutant variety that exhibits a short stature and densely packed internodes as the result of a single-gene mutation. The compact shape and sturdy branches of this cultivar make it particularly tolerant to high winds, a trait often lost on most Bourbon varieties. Villa Sarchi was first discovered sometime in the 1950s in the region of Alajuela, Costa Rica and subsequently bred in the nearby town of Sarchi. With other comparably productive and flavorful dwarf Bourbons, such as Caturra, available to farmers today, Villa Sarchi itself is grown only modestly outside of Costa Rica throughout the remainder of Central America given that it is best adapted to only the highest altitudes and nutrient requirements. Villa Sarchi's more profound impact on the global coffee industry is its contribution to developing the "Sarchimor" group of coffees, that, along with the "Catimor" group, now make up the majority of coffee leaf rust-resistant cultivars grown the world over.


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