Conscious Caffeine #15 - Maragogipe

By tych0_21 | MapMatics | 16 Feb 2021


The Maragogipe coffee variety is believed to be a natural mutant variety of Typica that was discovered outside the municipality of Maragogipe, Bahia, Brazil in 1870. Maragogipe is sometimes referred to as the "elephant bean" variety as a single mutation in a dominant gene grants the plant with exceptionally large leaves, beans, internode spacing, and overall stature. Even with beans nearly twice the size of other Typica varieties, the increased space and time needed to accommodate these slow maturing, tall, and sparsely-fruited trees make them a very low-yield crop. Despite being a very low-yield plant, Maragogipe beans are still prized for the novelty of their size as well as for producing excellent coffees, particularly at altitudes above 1,500 meters. Maragogipe is primarily cultivated in Brazil, Guatemala, and Mexico, though it is also grown to a lesser extent throughout the remainder of Latin America. Maragogipe is also known for being one of the parental varieties of Pacamara, a cultivar that frequently dominates cupping competitions for its consistently high cup quality.


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