Conscious Caffeine #13 - Kona

By tych0_21 | MapMatics | 13 Feb 2021


With a steady stream of moist, tropical air supplied from the Pacific Ocean, the cloud forests than span the western volcanic slopes of the Island of Hawaii produce unique soil and microclimate conditions that many consider to be produce the finest coffee-growing terroir in the world. Despite being a mere 20 miles in length along the island's western slopes, around 600 small plantations cultivate Kona coffee today. Comparable to naming restrictions placed on other luxury products, such as Champagne, beans sold as 'Kona coffee' refer to only those grown within the Kona region of Hawaii. Because of this, Kona coffee is not grown anywhere else in the world. Coffee is also grown on the island in the regions of Puna, Ka'u, and Hamakua, but none command the same reverence as their counterparts grown along the rich volcanic slopes of the Kona District. Though the Hawaiian Islands had historically been spared from the spread of pest and disease by virtue of their isolation, the discovery of Coffee Leaf Rust on the big island of Hawaii in 2018, and it subsequent spread, threatens the future security of the growing region.


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