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Odysee - The YouTube competitor is launching in Brazil

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 26 Apr 2021

On the press in Portuguese on one of the top Brazilian Crypto News Portals

 Lbry's decentralized platform continues to expand its horizons with the new launch of the Odysee Brasil website in Portuguese. The website, which currently contains more than 780 thousand content creators and 20 million monthly users, has been attracting great Brazilian Youtubers such as Rapper Filipe Ret (with 2.5 million followers on Youtube), Mundo Molusco (2.4 million followers) ) and Criptomaniacos (155k followers). And also big international names like Cassandra Bankson (1.42 million followers), Ivan on Tech (425 thousand followers) and even the Former President of the United States, Donald Trump who had his account censored by the new Youtube algorithm recently. With that, Odysee has been opening space in the market providing a decentralized and less restricted experience. A different concept from YouTube, in which the community itself is part of the creation and selection process.

What to expect from Odysee Brasil?

Odysee Brasil will be a customized version of the original website in Portuguese and will give priority to our national content within our territory. In addition to giving more visibility to Brazilian content, when accessing the platform, the user will find it easier to take advantage of all the tools offered within the site in their own language. All the tools that are already available on the website are available on the Odysee Brazil website automatically, and many new tools are yet to come, such as streaming.

At the moment the Lbry continues to offer an incentive to all those who make use of the platform in LBC currencies. An example of an LBC incentive is the 8 LBC invitation bonus when registering using this invitation link. All users with verified accounts will have access to the Rewards page where they will have the opportunity to receive rewards in LBC daily, for a period of time. For verified content creators the incentive is even greater especially for those who sync their Youtube channel to protect the authorship of their content and prevent loss due to YouTube strikes and bans.

According to the statistics website, Lbry has been attracting a large number of users. 2,560 new channels have been opened in the past 24 hours and the growth has been exponential.

Now the platform is looking for diversity. The Platform's focus is now on variety. Odysee Brasil hopes to populate the site with culture, art, sport, education, technology. A robust, happy and respectable environment that is being shaped by your community. A decentralized proposal that is very attractive to everyone. Don't wait to test!

If any questions do not hesitate to contact the team of volunteers at Odysee Brasil Discord group. 

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