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By Mammycrypto

Mommin' It Monday - Stream 32 - Crypto News Feb 8th, 2021

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 9 Feb 2021

I was so excited to see Lisa and everyone in our Mommin' It Monday today. I am not sure if it is because I missed the stream last week or if it was because of the bull run, but I could not wait to get together with all my crypto magic friends. You all are the best, and I feel so lucky to have this community to be a part of. 

Before getting straight into the news I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for everything that is going  on around us. Bitcoin for me is hope for a better world and when I see how far we have come, truly; there is no way to not be emotional. Knowledge is power and I thank you for everything you shared with me. I learn a lot from ALL OF YOU. Decentralization is all about feedback, and listening to each other with an open and understanding heart. It is all about adequately sharing those potatoes chips (If you watch Andreas Antonopoulos you probably know what I am talking about)

Anyhow, It is time to get to the good stuff. Watch the stream right below.

 Also Find below a link to VOTE for me as @Lbry creator of the week on discord. It is a little tricky to actually vote, but if you are already a verified content creator and really willing it shall be easy. 

You will also find next links to all the topics we discussed on the Live today.

1. Elon must puts $1.5billion of Tesla's funds into Bitcoin - Check Tesla Finacial Report:

2. Tiktok throws down challenge to Facebook with US ecommerce plans -

3. ELON MUSK DOGECOIN COULD BE THE FUTURE, BUT ... Beware Tides of Crypto!!! - (Mammycrypto  -HIGHLIGHTING ON TMZ)

4. Central Banks Edge Toward Money’s Next Frontier in Digital World -

5. Best Identity Protection Services of 2021 -

6. India's Central Bank RBI Close to Digital Currency Decision as Paypal Exits Indian Payments Market -

Thank you so much for being here! Watch the stream until the end and you shall see my Bitcoin Bull Dance (PS Not that charming I must say but hey we hit another ATH during the stream and we must celebrate somehow!). 

Keep it up Bulls, looks like we are in for the ride of our lives.

All my best
Michelle M

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