Ledger Nano X and Coin League 20% OFF promotions
By MammyCrypto

Ledger Nano X and Coin League 20% OFF promotions

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 6 Jul 2020

It is always great when the opportunity of buying something we need at a discount arrises. And this time Ledger is partnering with Coin League competition, offering 20% Promo-codes which counts as a vote for their favorite cryptocurrency in the coin League competition. Wether you are simply in the market for a Ledger hardware wallet, or has a favorite cryptocurrency you would love to support, here are all the details regarding this Fun Event.

How to play?

Every coin that Ledger support on its hardware wallet is a Promo-code that can be found on the Ledger Coin League competition web site

1. Pick your favorite out of 79 Cryptocurrencies and copy the Promo-code provided

2. Purchase A Ledger Nano X with 20% off using Promo-code

3. Your Purchase Counts as a vote towards your favorite Cryptocurrency

Competition an Promo ends on July 16th 2020

Promo Code examples and Current Winner:



May the best Win, but anticipating that Bitcoin will take the number 1 spot. Curious to see who will take the second and third spot! The competition looks close.

Thank you for reading


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