FlashBack Bitcoin Conference 2019 SF Video
By MammyCrypto

FlashBack Bitcoin Conference 2019 SF Video

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 13 Jul 2020

I created this special slide to celebrate my best captured moments during last year trip to San Francisco while attending the Bitcoin 2019 Convention. It is amazing how much our world has changed since then. Sadly this year of 2020 the bitcoin Conference among all other conferences in the world have been canceled or postponed. Reality hit hard as the world combats a pandemic and our weak financial system got hit hard too. BRRRR....

When I came back from the conference I wrote a short write up describing my experience. At that time I had no clue our world was about to change drastically but certainly had a feeling... 

Here is a quote from my introduction: "As I stare at a bankrupted global economy on the brink of total collapse, (that is in my opinion of course) I can only be hopeful that Bitcoin and the whole crypto community exists. Hopeful that this movement is set to change the world in such a meaningful way. While there, I could not only mingle with innovators but also got a very strong feel of crypto popular culture and tendencies."

Direct link to 2019 Bitcoin Conf write up: https://www.mammycrypto.com/2019/07/what-happened-at-bitcoin-conference.html



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