Discovering Lbrynomics - Lbry Statistics
By MammyCrypto

Discovering Lbrynomics - Lbry Statistics

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 29 Sep 2020

 Lbrynomics is a perfect resource for anyone looking for LBRY platform statistics. I stumbled upon the @Lbrynomics channel while navigating the LBRY Decentralized video platform. And since then, I have been visiting the Lbrynomics to follow LBRY's organic growth. I must say I am always impressed with LBRY performance. 

What type of Statistics does Lbrynomics offer?

The Lbrynomics website compiles data from the LBRY network, transforms it into informational statistics, and delivers it to its audience in a stylish way. The site looks sharp and is super interactive, offering widgets and graphs that are easy to understand. 

Stop by and learn curious facts about the lbry platform such as How many users have registered to it, How many new channels were created in the last hour, or even peak the current top 500 Lbry channels. 



Is the Lbrynomics website part of Lbry?

According to their website, Lbrynomics is an independent site, and its service is not part of Lbry INC or the Lbry foundation. Also, Lbrynomics was "designed & developed by Mark Firth using data compiled by Dr. Brendon Brewer. " All I say is thank you both for proving us with this great free resource.

And of course, thank YOU for watching and following my channel!

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