Catching UP - MamaeCrypto, Kenn Bosak, Nathan and Dora Pre Utah conference
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Catching UP - MamaeCrypto, Kenn Bosak, Nathan and Dora Pre Utah conference

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 14 Oct 2021


Hi Everyone,

There is so much to catch up! And in the next few weeks be ready for a flood of content that I will be sharing with you here in my blog I was on active mode and during those days it is very difficult for me to share the journey with you, but once I settle in I cannot wait to get the blog back into shape and get you guys all up to date. After all, the more I do this the more I realize I am not alone in this journey and I hope that wonderful things are happening to you all well. Reach for the stars and you may grab one. Once you do, do not let it go and that's is exactly what I am doing. Going with the flow, letting this crypto ride take me into new realms of reality. Join us for a pre-event interview and stick around to watch one of the most professional videos and events that I have been ever a part of. All I can say is this is just the beginning... we are still early.


All my best,
Michelle M
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