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Why is the Wax blockchain so important for Gaming?

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 14 Sep 2023

The Wax blockchain is currently the one that collects the most transactions per minute. Within the Wax Cloud wallet we find a large number of applications and games with which we can earn and generate WAXP.

Despite the rain that is falling, many of the projects continue to maintain their fundamentals, continue to grow, continue to prosper and continue to strengthen. This is the case with the Wax blockchain. Just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean they aren't working.

The metaverse and blockchain-based games seem to be dead. It just seems that way. Hundreds of apps and games on the blockchain are coming out every day. One of the most relevant and as of today number 1 is the Wax blockchain.

It hosts more than 320 million NFTS. Transactions are free and instant, as long as you have software resources. Dozens of validators support the network every day and offer staking rewards for leaving your WAXP tokens in their custody.

Within the Wax blockchain we find Alien Worlds, the one responsible for most of the network's activity alongside Farmers World. Also worth mentioning is the Atomic Hub marketplace that hosts thousands of NFTS and constantly renews them.

Video games are evolving by leaps and bounds. They are affected by fads and trends, naturally. If we go back to 2022, you will see that they were hit hard as soon as the pandemic ended and during the pandemic they managed to break usability and accessibility records.

The blockchain makes it possible to bring out games with incredible technologies. They are changing the business model and advocating more and more every day for fun, quality and entertainment.

It is true that Alien Worlds can't boast about that, because it is a brick, however you have games like Clash Dome within the Wax blockchain that is quite fun. It has improved a lot as well.

When the market changes and time passes, these types of games will resurface again. It is inevitable because this is the future. There will be better and worse but Wax will be there. It will host hundreds of new games and applications, many WAXP tokens will be required to support the network and increase network resources and millions more NFTS will be created that can be exchanged and purchased for WAX.

When will this happen? It is too early to say and too hard to tell. According to the data thrown by Google Trends, cryptocurrencies are not interesting, they no longer attract anyone and almost all new users are fleeing like the plague from here as they let themselves be infected by the ashen and premonitors of evil.

Well, the crowd is driven by emotions. Greed and fear. With fear they move away, with greed they move closer. The key to this is to keep accumulating and stay involved, at least informing yourself so that when everyone comes to buy and the charts explode upwards you can get rich and get the money you have been waiting for so long.

In my opinion, this blockchain is amazing and I am convinced that within the gaming industry, together with Weemix, it is going to overwhelm any other blockchain.

By the way, it has a good margin for growth, since it has a total supply of 4.2 billion. And more than 80% is in circulation. The catch is that the supply of WAXP tokens is infinite even though they are only generated by staking.

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