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TrueFi Crypto - The Safest Decentralized Lending Protocol for Stablecoins

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 20 Dec 2021

These last hours have been very intense for the TrueFi token. The rumor that it was going to be listed on the platform is totally true and the coin has seen a huge rise.

TrueFi Crypto is one of the most secure and innovative decentralized protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently the only platform on the network that offers unsecured loans.

This means that it is not necessary to overcollateralize your credit with another asset. You can borrow money without having to. Now, you must belong to a very rigorous white list to become a borrower.

What I want to highlight about the TrueFi token is that its price may continue to increase with this news. The TrueFi protocol is practically used by whales. People with large capital and a lot of money. So much money that it is impossible to count.

Because of this, a useful way to get the most of your money is by lending it to other people. In TrueFi you get very good performance for delivering your funds to the protocol.

This protocol gives us returns close to 15% per year.

TrueFi Crypto Price Prediction

Once its usefulness is known and that the purchase of the token is more accessible, it is very possible that this cryptocurrency will rise in price in the next few days, especially if the market continues so sad.

Borrowers need to be whitelisted in order to apply for unsecured credit. The granting of a loan is not carried out by the protocol but by all the people who own the TrueFi token and make it available to the protocol.

Token holders will be able to approve and reject the granting of credits. All loans are voted on on TrueFi. As it is not guaranteed, you need to at least know that the person to whom you are going to deliver it can pay it in most cases or possible casuistry.

You have to consider that this page does not come with two kills with 1000 dollars. People with a lot of capital come, hundreds of thousands of dollars. They know that leaving their money here they are comfortable, calm, receiving a very interesting APY higher than any centralized bank.

Likewise, if they have the Tru token, they will be able to participate in the voting of the protocol. Not only to grant credits, they also make decisions about the evolution of the application, partnerships, opening of new pools of Stablecoins and future implementations in other blockchains. It currently works on Ethereum.

Anyone can enter TrueFi to deposit their BUSD, USDC, USDT and TUSD.

TrueFi crypto can be a smart investment, as most people who acquire this asset are to get into the protocol.

With this news, a lot of speculators and opportunistic traders come who want to take advantage of the upward trend. Therefore, caution if he decides to enter now. He has already done two major pullbacks. Do not forget that very few people are aware of this tool.

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