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TrapHouse Staking Hoes - My current Earnings

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 23 Jan 2021

A few days ago I provided some evidence of how my Drugs V2 Token deposit was doing in the Traphouse Vault. I had to make a sudden change and move my tokens to the Staking area.

Traphouse allows Staking with Hoes, while we have them frozen we will be generating dividends in the form of Drugs, Sponge or Ditto, the tokens they have now.

I won a total of 202 net tokens in the Traphouse pool, enjoying an APY of 1.06K% for several days. My initial deposit was 2400 Drugs. The thing is, this percentage fell sharply to 130%. It seems that now it has stabilized. As I have little capital, I am not interested in working with such a small APY, because of this I decided to leave.

Now we only have two Vaults of Drugs V2 Token, but neither convinced me. So I opted to swap my Drugs for Hoes and put these Hoes to work. Most likely, at the beginning of February I went to Ditto.

traphouse report

Oh by the way. I also wanted to tell you an anecdote. Today I won a drawing for 100 Drugs V2 Token on Twitter. Good news for my balance. I'll probably put them next month with the rest to produce Ditto or Sponge.

The Drugs token pools are very juicy but they have significant ups and downs in a matter of hours and we have to be very attentive to this if we do not want to lose money. Pancakeswap gives me more confidence in this regard, but it cannot boast of such high returns. So far only Beefy and Traphouse can offer this. On the Binance network of course.

I hope this report has helped you if you are thinking of entering Traphouse.

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