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The advantages of Storjlabs to generate passive income

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 8 Apr 2021

If you want to make the most of the opportunities you have to generate passive income, an option that I bring you is Storjlabs. A well-known decentralized platform that takes advantage of the resources of the blockchain to offer a great storage service to its clients without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer equipment.

Storjlabs leverages the resources provided by users who become Hosters. If you have a good internet connection and have a lot of free space on your hard drive, you can provide the surplus of your resources to Storjlabs to sell to their customers.

When opening a node, Storjlabs will introduce on our hard disk and using part of the bandwidth that we have, encrypted information. It has a strong security system. Its encryption and data diversification protocol prevents thieves and hackers from accessing or stealing this information.

We, for being hosters, will get rewards every month in the form of Storj. To give you an idea, they pay approximately $ 20 for each TB of free space on your hard drive and more than $ 10 for each TB of broadband borrowed.

A great alternative if you are looking for an additional source of income and you have a good computer. Theta Network and Aioz Network have something very similar, too. You have several options to choose from.

The only requirement is that the node must be running 24/7, therefore, your computer must always be on and the resources you have borrowed must be available at all times. I suggest you do it with a computer that you do not need, a laptop or perhaps a desktop that has become outdated.

Applications like Storjlabs give us a lot of facility to generate money from home, without practically doing anything, just installing a node. Only available for the moment for Windows.

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