Poloniex Staking New Assets
poloniex staking

Poloniex Staking New Assets

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 16 Jan 2021

Dear staking lovers, I bring you news that may interest you.

Poloniex, one of the oldest exchanges in the network, has incorporated 5 new assets for flexible staking. A good opportunity to take advantage of our stored cryptocurrencies.

The bad part is that they are low-value assets, like Cosmosm WINk, Tendies, Tron, and Bittorrent, which are worth a damn. I hope Justin doesn't read this.

Poloniex offers us a flexible staking with the possibility of withdrawing the funds from the staking whenever we want. While they are in Staking we can operate with them without problem, this is the good part, they do not necessarily have to be stopped. So, if you are good at Trading, you will win on two sides.

It must be said that if they are exchanged for another asset, the staking is canceled. Our funds are delivered to a validator and the first 21 days, while the funds are unlinked from our power, we do not obtain profits. The same happens if we request the withdrawal, we will have to wait 21 days to consider our cryptocurrencies as our own.

Staking funds have 4 daily snapshots, the so-called daily snapshots. This means that if you have 5000 TRX staking and on Thursday at 15:00 PM you add 2000 TRX more to the staking, the total amount is updated on the same day. Up to 4 times. Theoretically, with external validators it would be necessary to wait again 21 days but Poloniex, during this transition covers the profits that we have corresponding to the new amount that we have added.

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