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Pagan Gods - FREE NFT Game Play to earn to earn money with your mobile

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 16 Oct 2021

I return again to satisfy your curiosity and share a very interesting project with which to generate money for free. The Pagan Gods application is a new NFT play to earn game available on both Android and Apple totally free.

The emergence of NFT games allows dozens of new games to be released every week, most of them are real shit but with a little research and analysis we can discover some very useful ones.

How to play Pagan Gods and earn money

The Pagan Gods game is free. We do not need to make any investment to enjoy it. Naturally, if we wish to advance faster, we are free to buy the assets of the game.

We only need to download the app from the official Android or Apple Store. It weighs very little and is well optimized to work on older devices.

To start we will only need a gmail account. We link it to the game and voila, we can play.

New players will receive a pack of 5 ordinary cards with which to start playing. They are very basic and are used to carry out the first fights on the easy level map. We have 5 maps and new ones will be added in the coming months.

With the free team at the beginning, we will win 1 out of every 3 battles. Each victory gives us about 80 FUR reward tokens.

The FUR token is the currency of the Pagan Gods game. It has a value of $ 0.0005 right now and is used to buy cards, improve our equipment and increase its strength. Strength is the main attribute required to qualify for the higher difficulty maps where they give more rewards.

Things you need to know about Pagan Gods before playing

The smartest and most effective thing in the medium term is to procure 5 additional cards to those that the game gives us. We can buy them in the Atomic store on the Wax blockchain or using the Pagan Gods application marketplace.

The ordinary ones are very cheap, around 500 FUR. If we buy a starter pack in the store, it costs about $ 20, they give us 5 cards and we can get 2 or 3 unusual ones. They are more competent cards and will give us the option to play on the level 2 map.

We will use the free equipment in level 1 and the one purchased in level 2. I suggest using all the FUR that we earn in increasing the strength of the cards in the first weeks, with the aim of increasing the victory rate and qualifying for level 3 maps and 4.

The FUR token can be purchased on Pancakeswap and the Inanomo Exchange. The Pagan Gods app can link to the Inanomo exchange automatically and our reflected FUR will appear.

The FUR tokens of the game, if we want to sell them for dollars, we can do it on the Exchange. More comfortable and faster. From there we pass the liquidity to our wallet.

To earn $ 1 a day you will need to do about 16 battles a day. Every hour you can repeat it at no cost.

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