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LBRY TV Earnings 1800 LBC and how to sell them

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 23 Jan 2021

I imagine you already know the LBRY.TV platform.

I have recently withdrawn my balance from LBRY Credits to the Bittrex Exchange to sell them for USDT.

I have been registered on this page and uploading videos since the beginning of 2020. I must admit that right now it has lost a lot of potential, its algorithm only positions the videos if you deposit hundreds of LBRY Credits in them and the only viable way that I see now to get tokens is by doing the daily rewards.

Watch videos, post content, post comments, and follow verified channels.

However, I continue to work it shyly, uploading a couple of videos a week and completing the task of a daily video to get my free tokens.

He had accumulated 1800 LBRY Credits, for months. Few exchanges support this token, including Bittrex or Hotbit. The Bittrex Exchange is where these tokens are best traded so I used it for this particular case.

Bittrex forces you to spend the KYC. After this, I sent the LBRY Credits. I went to the market and sold them for USDT. They charged me $0.37 for the transaction.

USDT has a very high fee, abusive I would say, of 17 dollars, in the Bittrex Exchange. Not crazy I accept this. I had to exchange the $180 USDT for TRX. TRX's fee is 0.003, a crumb compared to the previous one.

The 6581 TRX I transferred to my Nexo account so that they work while I sleep taking advantage of the 5% APY they give you. 7% if you change it to Nexo Tokens.


Ethereum blockchain fees are insane, it is something that has to change, we cannot constantly exchange our profits for coins like TRX or Digibyte that are worth a damn.

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