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amazon dividends thanks to crypto world

How to Earn Money with AMAZON KDP and Crypto

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 1 Feb 2021

Who does not know Amazon right?

But if I say now, who knows that you can make money with Amazon from your home?

Surely many people too, but nobody does it, nobody. They only think of amazon Business or an online store.

At Amazon you can earn money and build another source of income that pays you dividends daily. Also, you can relate it to the Crypto world.

Amazon KDP, dear producers, is a great tool. The cryptocurrency market is still very virgin. We can saturate it with hundreds of books on the subject. No need to write boring novels or children's stories. Give value and you will receive money.

I already have a few books on amazon KDP, they don't generate much for me now, about $ 20 a month. But the key is to write many.

Remember Tonny Robbins Rule # 1 of Financial Freedom, you're either a producer or you're an investor. We can also be both. While money works we produce to have more money and continue multiplying our dividends.

Remember this: more dividends equals more freedom. Record it with fire on your head.

It is difficult for a book to position itself well, but you have to look for small niches with little competition and segmenting your keywords well.

I repeat, the crypto world is still very immature. Amazon's Kindle Store is looking forward to filling its warehouse with books about cryptocurrencies and how to make money from them. In 3 years everyone will be desperate to make money with cryptocurrencies and your books will be there to help them.

More sources of income, more freedom, more dividends, more freedom, more robots working, more freedom, more dollars equals more employees, more employees equals more money, more money equals more freedom, freedom is everything .

I currently have about 9 books published on different topics, 2 on cryptocurrencies. If with this I am making about 30 dollars a month, if the month is good, with 60 or 70 books I will be practically making 200 dollars. Based on the law of averages.

Don't you find it attractive? Once you publish the book the rest is done by amazon. The hard work is done by Amazon, you just wait for the check.

Come on producer. Come on investor. Start fucking now.

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