get free usd tether in bityard

Get FREE USDT in Bityard - Exchange for Beginners

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 30 Dec 2020

One of the disadvantages that cryptocurrency trading platforms have are the high commissions that the withdrawal of funds and the opening of orders within the market entail.

A negative part if you are going to participate with little capital. However, these annoyances are understood by some exchanges like Bityard. Bityard hits commissions hard. Sponsors of the great professional Muay Thai fighter Buakaw.

An interesting opportunity for lovers of Trading. Bityard gives you the chance to save yourself from charges. You only need to collect the daily gifts that it gives us. A kind of piñata full of candy, but instead of candy they are fractions of cryptocurrencies.

All this will be automatically converted to USD Tether, the stablecoin par excellence with which we trade in Spot and futures. It is transferred to the gift balance, which we can use to pay the platform fees.

You can start trading for free if you verify your email, your mobile phone and make your first operation in Demo and live. They will give you 1 dollar for each share that you can use later in your operations.

For those of you who do not have capital and want to experiment, Bityard is an interesting proposal. A useful way to get and earn USD Tether.

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