Faucetpay Wallet – Guide to earn Crypto in 2024

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 17 Feb 2024

Without a doubt, Faucetpay is one of the most convenient wallets that exist on the web. It can be easily used from the browser with just an email. Decentralized, anonymous, private and without the need to complete any KYC.

Faucetpay stands out because it offers us the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies within the same wallet. None can yet boast of this characteristic. The old and now defunct Expresscrypto was the only one that looked like it. It is true that as far as staking services are concerned, Faucetpay is useless, but to accumulate profits in cryptocurrencies for free it is ideal.

Faucetpay connects you with more than 700 Faucets. Virtually all of them are pure garbage. Full of malware and invasive advertising. It is hardly worth mentioning any.

It also has a PTC advertisement panel that we can only do if we meet the requirement of receiving at least 25 payments from different Faucets in the last 30 days.

Can you really make money on Faucetpay?

Actually, and I don't know why no one mentions it, the Faucetpay wallet is a hidden casino. That's how it is. Almost all the bonuses and advantages it provides are related to betting. What's more, if we look at the latest improvements it has made, the most interesting have been made in the games. Games to bet and burn all your money.

Each bet placed accumulates the Feyorra token in our balance. An incentive to bet the accumulated profits or the money we have deposited from another platform.

As for referrals, we are going to get the biggest benefit from the casino as well. From the Faucets they work we only receive 5%, however, from the casino they amount to 15%. We receive absolutely nothing from the deposits.

Faucetpay is a wallet that is great for operating with pages with low reputation or those that are suspected of spam. It does not connect to any website or share your data with anyone.

Some of the Faucets linked to Faucetpay ask you for the email assigned to the wallet to send you payments instantly. Others may ask you for the deposit address of a specific cryptocurrency.

We cannot forget that to request Faucetpay withdrawals to another site, we will have to save and register the destination address as a new sender. Otherwise, it won't let us. The commissions are downright low.

Faucetpay has an exchange within its website, which allows us to exchange cryptocurrencies and assets anonymously. If you have a large amount of cryptocurrency that you want to sell or exchange for USDT, you can do so here without giving any explanation.

As of today, the wallet supports deposits and withdrawals in Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Digybite, Dogecoin, USDT, TRX, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Cardano, Matic, Feyorra and XRP.

You have to claim affiliate commissions in the Affiliates tab. They are not awarded automatically. However, even if you don't claim them, they accumulate until you do. You have nothing to lose.

If you like to open businesses and websites to earn extra money, you have the possibility of creating a PTC. Some platforms like Evolutio or US Titan sell you the complete package with offerwalls, faucet, ad panel, shortlinks, videos and much more. You can later connect this website with Faucetpay to receive payments from advertisers and pay users.

If you look around, you will see that pages like Vie Faucet, Coinpayu, Coinpayz, Neobux, Faucetcrypto have been made this way and receive and send payments through Faucetpay.

I use it a lot on a personal level. The payments and dividends I receive from Rollercoin, Coinpayu, Betfury, BC Game, Simplebits or some cloud mining applications I usually send to Faucetpay. From here I change it for whatever I see fit and I take the liquidity anywhere. For example, to Bybit to use that money on purchases with the debit card.

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