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Baby Bitcoin - The fundamentals of a future project

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 24 Nov 2021

One of the things that satisfies me the most when studying a project is if its value proposition is true and consistent with what it promises. A clear example of this we have in Baby Bitcoin. Born from the womb of the father god of cryptocurrencies, he has managed to break into the network thanks to his trust and generosity.

He has already gathered more than 47,000 holders. All Baby Bitcoin holders constantly benefit, day after day, from rewards in their wallet for being loyal to the project.

There are many scoundrels and tough faces who prostrate themselves before users, leveraging the figure of Bitcoin. They promise hyper-successful businesses and millionaire returns, however, in a matter of months they disappear, stealing all the money from those who have deposited.

This is one of the reasons why I am often skeptical of future copies or attempts of Bitcoin. Next, I want to highlight some of the most interesting features of Baby Bitcoin and why it represents a smart investment for the future.

Is it a good idea to buy Baby Bitcoin?

Since its inception, those responsible for the idea had as a mission to allocate a large part of their profits and profits to children's social causes. With this, they are helping many families so that their children can have a basic education and basic resources to live with dignity.

It is difficult for a company, organization or company that is involved in the creation of a digital asset to dedicate part of its profits to disinterested donations to people or communities in need.

Baby Bitcoin has faithfully collaborated with children's associations in El Salvador. Also, all the NFTs that were sold through their website have been used to raise money and donate it.

A small part of the transaction fees on purchases and sales is used to enhance the visibility of the project. Since the last update of their tokenomics, this fee has decreased to 2%. An advantage for new buyers and a handicap for holders, since currency speculation is facilitated.

Baby Bitcoin has managed to deploy a radio channel where they will interview influencers and industry experts. In their roadmap, they plan to launch satellite tokens that work together with BBTC to enrich the community and offer more benefits to holders.

The most anticipated is its casino. We can use this application to bet BBTC and BNB obtaining juicy rewards.

Baby Bitcoin will not be just a simple tool to earn money through its casino. They will open in 2022 minigames with which we can accumulate BBTC and reactivate the burn transactions, important for tokens with such high supplies. More than 55% of the tokens have already been burned.

For those who want to stay informed on the touch of what happens with Baby Bitcoin, it is important to connect to their Telegram. In the future, the development team is convinced that digital education is extremely important. With this they will promote and develop courses on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies with professionals in the sector. This will attract first-time users to the platform and possible partnerships with larger giants.

So far, what we are experiencing is a very powerful growth in the number of holders. At the expense of its official listing on the Hotbit exchange, the price is likely to follow the same path.

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