How much I have made in RollerCoin - Update

By OTcrypto | Makingcrytpofun | 16 May 2022


I have now had RollerCoin for 2 months and wanted to share my progress so far. I have not invested any money into it to see how much I (and those reading) can earn on RollerCoin without putting into it. I had been very active over the last month, reaching a power output of around 250 TH/s  but dropped off once I earned enough to buy the Happy Easter miner (30RLT). This should hopefully mean I can play less but still have a decent output and a continuous income. My current set-up is as below:


I have 3 miners, the RollerArc S1 that I gained from winning a game, the Minerzaurus and the Happy Easter Miner. These are currently my main outputs of power and as you can see this currently yields about 0.000174 RLT about every 10 minutes. This is not bad for me playing 1 game a day over the last week just to keep my PC level!

So far I have gained:

  • 0.149277 RLT - Spent 30 RLT on Happy Easter Miner - 80 TH/s yield and 1% bonus
  • 0.0000001921 BTC 
  • 0.00006656 ETH
  • 0.0003508 BNB 
  • 0.00381520 SOL

I had been changing my power to match the weekly increased rewards but then focused on RLT to gain enough to by the miner i wanted. I must add i also spent time gaining extra RLT through online questionnaires which helped get me to 30 RLT quicker!

I am hopeful that i will gain enough soon to start taking out crypto that I have earnt or re-investing it into RollerCoin to boost my longterm mining.


Although the crypto market has crashed recently it will still be good to boost my crypto wallet with these coins that I have mined.


Happy Mining Everyone.


If anyone is interested in joining use my referral link: And you will gain 1000 Satoshi!!!! 


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