Day-Trading Cryptos - Episode 1 - Background

By TheScholar | Day-Trading Cryptos | 14 Sep 2020

In this blog, I will talk about my journey with cryptos and my day-trading adventures. I hope I will make it big. If you can help, advise, chip in, or just read, you will be making my day.

Many thanks in advance, and I hope we'll have a nice journey together.


Episode One: Background (No day-trading yet)


My journey with cryptos started yesterday at 5:15 pm on September 14, 2020, when I put all the money that I have (which is $1,500) in Bitcoin (0.1415 BTC to be exact). I’m planning to make that into a bazillion dollars by day-trading for a couple of months. I’m sure you have no idea what a bazillion is. It could be another name for $1,000. You’d have to join me in this journey to discover what a bazillion is at the end of this journey.

I lost my job four months ago (I salute the unemployed), and I’m unable to find another (I salute the lucky employed, keep your jobs guys!!)


My job was hard, yet barely keeping me alive anyway. It was earning me enough to just pay the bills, put food on the table, and pay student loan interest (not the actual loan, freakin $#|’I’ie.. I mean damn it!!!)


I never drove a fancy car nor went on a luxury cruise. I was the kind guy minding his own business, praying not to get speeding or parking tickets, and when I did, I would go politely to pay “on the spot” and I even apologize from the collection officer and promise never to do that again!


But I’m good with fixing things and I’m very good with numbers. I guess the only thing I really like about myself is “I never give up”, and the fact that I love spaghetti women, but that’s off the topic (so please hit the like button if you do too. I mean if you never give up, not the spaghe… never mind).


So, you may ask, why investing in cryptos? It is so freakin volatile. I hear you.


I’m a very logical person, so, I really have no fu(|<in clue other than, I’m fed up with being poor. I either make it big or break it bad.


Cryptos are ... hmmm, I have no idea what they really are, and beyond my research for 2 months, with no prior knowledge of cryptos before that, that is, 60 days of daily job seeking and learning about cryptos, what I saw in the media, read online, or in books, and watched on Youtube, there is not a single solid piece of info that was able to educate me on what cryptos really are or where they really come from. For me, Satoshi Nakamoto could be SATAN!! SAToshi NAkamoto, hellooooooo!! That was my first clue NASA!!!


This is not to say that I don’t understand what blockchain is, or what the basic concept of cryptos is. I’m blockchain certificated (that’s an online FREE certificate that requires 3 hours of your time and requires answering few questions to get the certificate, let me know below if you’re interested in knowing about it).

If you think you know enough about cryptos, please try answering any of the following questions:

1. Are you sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, that these cryptos, or freedom tokens as some call them, are not another bankers’ plot for further enslavement of the human race? And don’t get me wrong again, I don’t mean that the cryptos are bad by nature, but they are virtual, a line of code, a string of characters, and without a smartphone or a computer screen, they have no value whatsoever and they don’t actually exist!! So, what if they are a bait orchestrated by the bankers to sell these cryptos for whatever amount of fiat currencies, while they accumulate the “actual, earthly, physical assets”, and then “switch off the internet” and exit this game owning every possible available, real, physical asset? More enslavement into a virtual world??                                                                                                                                                                                                                  02e4d21ba212fa3bb566318a6e906e2042231f81399c368c0af1d22d77740bdc.jpeg
2. We still think of cryptos in very individualized and personalized manners, we don’t consider them within the family, community, or country scopes. So, did you share your crypto keys with your father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, …? What happens if you die tomorrow? What are the consequences of that on your family?

     4d03913a84d1232dc3c5aa55d03be392e5f65356ca62f917b1a5b6d8c6f5f763.jpeg 3. Are you sure XRP is the new world currency? LoL (sorry I couldn’t stop myself, sorry XRP Army, I love you, but I love spaghetti woman more), but seriously, show me a single proof that explicitly states that XRP is the new CBDC, and I will buy XRP tomorrow with my 0.1415 BTC. Ripple may be one of the very few companies working with banks and authorities, but XRP is not Ripple, and Ripple is not XRP, and I don’t know if people are able to distinguish the two.                                                                                                                                                               ecba33f43c9c2ebb89ae2b8e94c744a56b94c498e188d91c785fca54eafb5b05.jpeg      

4. Is Christine Lagarde a spaghetti woman? This is a tricky one, so I advise you to think before you answer.


Beyond these simple questions, I really have nothing to complain about, but maybe the fact that I did never trade, let alone day-trade, before, kept me awake yesterday night. I’m scared to make a mistake in my first day-trade. I’m officially broke, yet 0.1415 BTC rich and I’m planning to make that count.


In episode 2, I will talk about my day-trading strategy, which is actually not recommended for anybody, including myself, as it does not follow any financial “logic”, nor is adopted by any financial, nonfinancial, or anti-financial analyst. Just a simple chart analysis that is taught in grade 7. I hope I won’t get broke immediately.


In episode 3, I hope I would have done 2 or 3 trades and will share all my outcomes with you. Maybe I even do that in the next episode, if I have the guts to start and the heart to swallow any loss.

In case you would like to chip in and help a new friend in his new crypto adventures, please share the tip. If you have any questions on the above, please let me know down in the comments. And if you are a spaghetti woman, and like to chat, I’m happy to give you my heart to twiddle with.

See you in the next episode,90c3f008bbc85cb113517b1e749ba23166768a2074dfdfe2174f3a47bd771bef.jpeg

Have a great day!


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Day-Trading Cryptos
Day-Trading Cryptos

In this blog, I will try to show my journey in day-trading cryptos, starting with $1500, showing all the steps that I take, the methods I use, the losses I grieve, and the profits I make.

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