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Gucci, Facebook and Blackrock: Blockchain Is Going Mainstream!

Hello HODLers!

We are talking today about big brands and blockchains, because in the time of 48 hours some important news came out regarding the integration of blockchain technology in the business models of 3 giants such as Gucci, Blackrock and Facebook.

And so Gucci becomes the first fashion brand to accept payments in ApeCoin, BlackRock enters into a partnership with Coinbase and Meta has announced that it will launch a new service, in over 10 countries around the world, to integrate NFTs on Instagram using the Flow blockchain!


Let's now move on to the important news announced in the last few hours:

1. Gucci: first brand in the world to accept Apecoin
Yep, Gucci, the Italian fashion giant, has become the first major brand to accept payments in the form of ApeCoin (APE), affiliated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Despite the bear market, the fashion brand threw itself headlong into the crypto sector this year:
In February, Gucci launched the NFT "SUPERGUCCI" collection
In March, Gucci launched the "Gucci Grail" NFT collection, aimed at owners of high-end NFT projects such as the BAYC.
In May, the company announced plans to accept 12 cryptocurrencies as a payment method in 111 stores across North America. The list included Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE) and five stablecoins linked to the US dollar.

2. Blackrock - Coinbase collaboration
Yesterday a very important collaboration was announced for Coinbase, namely the integration of Blakcrock's offer of cryptocurrencies to institutional investors through Blackrock. So BlackRock, the largest investment group with over $ 8 trillion in Assets under Management, has partnered with Coinbase to facilitate its institutional investors in the management and trading of cryptocurrencies.


3. Meta & Flow: NFTs will be visible in users' profiles!
It will be possible for Facebook and Instagram users to enter all the NFTs held in their account. Needless to tell you that the value of the coin Flow has grown by over 50% in correspondence with the announcement of Meta.
To announce it are Meta and Flow in the original Twitter profiles:

What I wanted to express in this article is that often what is criticized in the world of cryptocurrencies is the lack of relevance and use with the real world, especially of the various blockchains that for many do not have forms of use.
In truth, most people cannot see behind the scenes of this ecosystem and do not know that many “real world” companies study and have contacts to use these services. In my opinion it is undeniable that the integrations between real world and blockchain are more and more day by day, precisely because the blockchain is a tool that allows to improve many services existing on the market today.


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