Is Wintub scam or legit. Reviews payment proof scam?

Is Wintub scam or legit. Reviews payment proof scam?

Before going into wintub reviews is a scam or legit, let’s find out what wintub is. when i found out information on wintub website

Find out in the section about us

“ Who we are and what we do?

Wintub is The most popular spot online to earn cash for watching videos for the everyday thing you already do online. Earn Money when watch entertaining videos, finally you can get cash from Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin and more options.. Wintub has already paid out members. Put cash in your wallet. Join for free today. “

Next find out on the homepage of wintub they talk about how it works

“ We have partners at WinTube, love share multiple videos. So why not get paid by watching videos online in your free time ? we pay you cash simply for watching short videos or TV show trailers.”

ways to make money with wintub

1. You watch the videos and shows on the website wintub

2. Refer your friends. You get $1 and Your friend gets $5. (very suspicious)

Method payment with paypal or bank account

Reviews wintub scam or letgit?

Wintub website is a very new websie it was founded on March 12, 2020. wintub is designed and the content is very sketchy, little information


I am very skeptical about the reward mechanism of wintub. They all offer high rewards for minor things.

I use a page to check if wintub’s contact email works, it doesn’t work and doesn’t exist.


if they hide it from checking emails but I think why an email for users to contact them why they have to hide its activity?

and one important thing I’ve discovered is that when I click on an item on the wintub site it navigates to another page. This page is not related to wintub and it is an advertisement page. A reputable site will never do this to its users.

payment proof of wintub



If you gonna withdraw 80USD the balance needs to be 15 referral and 65 ads watch.But why didn’t they say this in the first place when people signed up to join wintub. It is not transparent in the infomation. sign of dishonesty and dishonesty.

From the above information and reviews I confirm that 99% of is a scam

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