Sushiswap gets a facelift!

If you logged into Sushiswap lately you surely noticed their first big change for 2021. A whole new UI has been constructed making it very easy to access and interact with the protocol’s main products. After January 30, all visitors to will automatically be redirected to the new site.


And this new site sure is a departure from Sushiswap’s unicorn inspired origin. Right on the landing page you can access the protocol’s most popular features.

Start swapping tokens right away, or place a limit order so that the trade is executed in the future at a rate of your choosing. With another tab you can migrate your liquidity over from Uniswap with a single click, in what they claim is a gas efficient manner.


You can also take a look at their yield farming ONSEN menu for a listing of trading pairs that you can fund. The expected yields, and incentives (in SUSHI) are noted clearly.

On the left-hand menu you can also access the OMAKASE where you can stake your SUSHI and get an overview of your liquidity positions.

And Coming Soon we have the lending product called BentoBox. This new frontend is ready to incorporate this new feature, making the new Sushiswap UI a more complete financial platform.

As of this writing Sushiswap sits as the number 3 decentralized exchange by Total Value Locked, according to Defi Pulse. It will be interesting to see what impact this new noob-friendly UI will have in their numbers going forward.

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