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There are many actions we do online every day. One of the simplest actions online is to look for something, a webpage, some piece of information, an image, a video, it doesn’t matter what.

And one player has become so dominant in the search market that people even use its name as a synonym of searching online: how many times have you heard someone say they’ll “google it”?

Now what all these search engines have in common is that there’s people behind them making money on your searches. They make money by placing some websites ahead of others, or by flashing ads related to your search, and the more people that use their platforms the higher their fees can be.

And you don’t get a dime out of it!

That’s where Presearch comes in. With Presearch you earn PRE tokens for each search you execute.

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The parameters on how much you can earn vary, but currently you can get a maximum of 8 PRE daily. Each search yields 0.25 PRE, and 0.5 PRE for searches using Dsearch. The tokens earned are held on your personal account, you can withdraw them when you reach 1,000 eligible tokens.

But if you don’t want to withdraw your PRE, you can also use them to stake keywords on the Presearch engine. The PRE tokens you use for staking will remain yours, so you are not really spending that money.

With keyword staking you are just placing an ad on the platform that will come up whenever someone searches for the keyword you have selected. Currently, and until January 2021, there is no charge for the number of clicks or views that your ad gets. You just stake PRE on a keyword and you’ll get free advertising any time someone searches for the keyword you selected.

Both these features make Presearch worth looking into, but there are other factors also. This engine does not keep a record of your searches guaranteeing total privacy. Its decentralized architecture reinforces the security features of the system.

If this all sounds interesting to you I invite you to check it out by clicking HERE.

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Make money online with Manuel
Make money online with Manuel

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